Even a remote chance that they'll put Adon in SFXT?

I know he’s not the most popular character, but they’ve made some stranger choices before. I think the game needs some Alpha representation! If he’s not in it, I just might wait until Super SF X Tekken…

His storyline is based on Sagat. Like he is a character that would not exist if Sagat didn’t. I know its a fighting game, story lines don’t really matter.

Since Sagat is in it, maybe, but I don’t know. I highly doubt he would be in it.

He wont be in it! lets be honest he is not a ‘main’ character!

well he might be in. King is in so if Adon is in they can have a jaguar battle. =)

Haha, well king has been in every Tekken game! :stuck_out_tongue: but you are right… though I guess it will depend on if King grabs Adon. If that happens he will crush poor little Adon! :frowning:

not until Mega Street Fighter X Tekken Pro

Can you imagine a Sagat and Adon team?

Isn’t poison a female version of adon. She has a move like jaguar kick and a weird kick uppercut so…

if thats so then i guess ill be using poison =)

I was thinking Cody (assuming he makes it in) and Poison to start.

No, she’s a male version of a female.

A move vaguely resembling Jaguar Kick doesn’t make someone an Adon clone. He is, however, from the original Street Fighter. So I’m hoping that in addition to all the Final Fight love they’re showing, they might also include throwbacks from Alpha like Adon or Eagle.

no adon accprding to the leaked list. http://blit.com.mx/2011/08/spoiler-alert-todos-los-personajes-de-street-fighter-x-tekken/?utm_source=feedburner&utm_medium=twitter&utm_campaign=Feed%3A+blitmx+(Blit)

but hopefully they are wrong

I honestly don’t see why they couldn’t have just made the Sagat/Adon team. it’s not like they even remotely care about the story at this point given that Makoto and Ibuki were in SSF4. And besides, Dhalsim is a really terrible/wtf addition to a game like this tbqh.

Looks like the list is wrong; Rufus confirmed:

Maybe Adon has a slim chance still.

Slim to none, but I’ll keep crossing my fingers.

Adon didn’t get into SSF4 by popularity polls. He got in because the developers liked him.

maybe these developers will like him. He is awesome afterall.

Well, apparently Maroon 5 is a fan of him.

^ tha fuh

“You got to mooove like jagga…”