Even if 3s Online ends up like HDR

…it’s not like it will be the end of the world. I think ST HDR’s graphics fit our current generation of fighting games very well and doesn’t use the outdated CPS2 graphics. Do you want 3s Online to be just another port like MvC2 or do you want a new game that would fit in today’s time? It’s not 1999 anymore, it’s 2010, get with the times.

I for one don’t want 3s Online to end up like MvC2, no wonder people still use the PS2 version of that game for tournaments. It deserves to be treated like a new upgrade like HDR, why do you think it was successful?

What if I want it to be just like MVC2? Because 3s is a great game why would I want to change it?

And plus I pray that if they have to change the graphics dont let Udon go anywhere near it. It is the most idiotic art around and it would not work with the style of 3s at all.

MvC2 on XBLA and PSN was a disappoinment. The online support was heavily flawed at best and HDR’s online is much smoother. HDR plays like the original so I don’t know why you care about graphical output so much.

Lol. Oh man, you didn’t realise yet that HDR looks (and sounds) like ass? And by the way, it actually does use “out-dated” (whatever that means) CPS2 graphics because that’s where those crappy new sprites were traced from.

Live with it: you were sold a bad hand-job with HDR.

as long as someone competent at udon does the retrace, then no thanks. HDR looks like ass.

I always felt that HDR looked worse then ST tbh. The backgrounds weren’t too bad in HDR but everything else was ass. The music was just crappy remixes. ST original music was far better.