Even if you disliked the Street Fighter movie

Would you still watch it if it showed on tv? For me, no matter how much I found that movie to be crappy, for some strange reason I just can’t help watching it. I would define it as the “crap I like to watch”. Other movies that fall into this category are
1)The second Mortal Kombat movie
2)The Mario Brothers movie
3)The Double Dragon movie

I suppose it’s because of some humour you can get out of the show. Something about it is just so stupid that it’s funny. What would you do if it came on again? Would you watch it?

I tried to watch the second MK movie a month or so ago on tv. I couldn’t do it, I remember it being a much better movie than the B-movie that appeared in front of me on tv. But as for watching the bad movies on t.v. I wouldn’t waste my time I did it once already and I can bring myself to do it again.

Like a true SF fan, I got the DVD. It’s even funnier with the commentaries on.

The movie is easily MST3K material and you can always whip up different quips and riffings everytime you watch it.

Also, there is the legendary MC Hammer music video for the soundtrack to this movie that I cannot find anywhere. There’s pics on my old martial arts mag from the early 90s with Van Damme and MC Hammer dancing together. lol, if I find my USB cable I’ll take a photo of it and upload it. I havent seen the video itself, maybe it’s locked up in some underground government facility for the sake of humanity.

Do NOT go dissing the Double Dragon movie. Ugg Lee and Home Lee fteffinw.

Yeah, I got the DVD also. But I hope you paid 6 bucks for it like I did.

Also, the SF Movie is YTMND material :):


Mortal Kombat Annihilation is the 4th worst movie ever, and it wasn’t even made by Uwe Boll!! (I’m sure he would have tried though, if he’d been ruining video games back then too.)

Barring that the SF Movie is absolutely terrible, I doubt I’d watch it…even though I own Street Fighter The Movie The Game for Saturn, but that was worth $4 just to be able to play as Kylie Minogue and that crack addict they pulled of the street and painted green and called Blanka.

I knew they made a video for Ryo Aska’s “Something There”, but I never knew they made one for Hammer’s “Straight To My Feet”…maybe I can find it. I get lucky with stuff other people can’t locate.

I tried watching it on USA a few years back and couldn’t stomach it. I really like bad movies, but this one was where I drew the line in the sand. Bad VG movies are nothing new, but I haven’t to this day watched what they did to my favorite vg on the big screen(least not all the way through). Van Damme’s god-awful english and Julia’s ultra-hammy performance made for great laughs, but it kinda felt like it was at my expense as a fan of the series.

Sadly enough I did watch MKA from start to finish and barely stopped myself from taking my own life afterward. Rarely will I watch a movie, no matter how bad, and think that I actually could have done a better job with whatever budget they had to work with.

I had a making-of VHS (from a game magazine) that came with both videos. Saw it a buncha times when i was 13. I ended up taping over it when i was 14 or 15 (realized how much the whole thing sucked).

And SF and MK2 are watchable, but DD and Mario arent.

Yeah I’d watch it. It’s funny.

Nah, I’d say it’s more like HMGMKI material. Um… :xeye:

Falcon hit the nail on the head. Everytime MK:Annhiliation is on TV, it seems to be missing a few parts. I know the movie sucked to begin with, but something is definitely missing when they show it on TV.

I think MK:Annhiliation was the first movie I fell asleep while watching in the theaters.

If you guys want, I can upload the mp3 of Ryo Aska’s “Something There”…

I’d probably watch for a few minutes then I’d change the channel