Even more KOFXII Screens: AKA Capcom facepalm imminent


Too freaking good

God Damn!!

SFIV looks leagues better, but this looks nice. Don’t really understand the need to take jabs at SFIV, guess your e-penis needs the Viagra.

:tup: some nice pics.

Yeah, the game definitely has Nona’s artistic style all over it.
I’ve never liked Nona’s style, though.

What does impress me is the lighting effects, specifically on Ash’s different colored flames (is the red one a new DM?)

It would be absolutely criminal if the US fighting game scene doesn’t give this game attention, if only for how good it looks.


I’ll repost what I posted on gaf here

aside from new moves (both special and normal), there are three new systems detailed in the article:

Guard Attack: Block an attack and counterattack. This is being detailed like an Alpha Counter from the Street Fighter Alpha series.

Clash System: If two attacks hit each other (I don’t know the requirements because they don’t say) then there will be a new flashy effect to signal this and neither character takes damage. I’m wondering how this works because in the last screenshot for this section it shows Benimaru attacking but Athena (?) looks like she’s blocking…

Wall System: When you’re at the edge of the screen and hit the opponent backwards, there will be some sort of visual effect indicating this, and you can follow up for an attack. No word on the conditions and requirements for a wall attack.

You know I was never a big nona fan myself, but I just can’t help but like this, it’s pushing all my buttons correctly.

SNK and Capcom comparisons are always going to happen, it’s the whole Coke-Pepsi thing, especially since both their big revamps are coming simultaneously, the best thing to do if the comparisons annoy you in my opinion? Ignore it.

I certainly be trying both out when they are eventually ported to consoles. (Assuming both get 360 releases as I don’t have a PS3, but it seems likely anyhow.)

SNK claims to be trying to make the ultimate fighting game this time around, and you certainly can see they’re putting in the effort seeing these pics.

Now I just got to learn to have patience.


God DAMN that shit is gorgeous.

Wall System still sounds like a bad idea all around.

Also, putting clashing in something as slow as a game using the traditional KOF system is dumb, dumb, dumb.

I don’t see why both games can’t peacefully coexist. I think SF4 looks great to the point where I no longer understand why people keep saying “this (XII) is what SF4 should’ve been.” SF4 has bigger problems right now other than the manner in which the characters are rendered. Having it use sprites wouldn’t fix any of that.

With that said, this game looks amazing. Toronto’s arcade scene has a big HK-based populace and even though 2002 was never that big here for some reason, I’m hoping those guys will be all over this game.

So fucking awesome I can’t wait to get my hands on this. Really need some higher res screens soon.

Thats what I was thinking too when I saw that quote.

I mean daaaaang, those screens are incredible.

Oh my god you laughed at me. How dare you mock me like that. :confused:

But yeah this game looks nice. I want some higher res pictures though. 14 second off cam trailers and midget sized pictures shouldn’t be the medium to show off sprites.

Ew, CVS-ish transparent effects…

Oh man

That’s beautiful man

Cant say anything about the mechanics of the game until I play it.

It looks AMAZING however, and I cant wait to get my hands on it.

Just give it up. You cannot escape from death.

I was thinking this might be clashing for a second but it’s just Benimaru’s lighting ball.
Nvmnd, read the post a couple spaces above. I guess that’s supposed to be clashing!

Sexy. I’m loving the big AOF-style sprites.