"Even more perfect!" Omega Oni Discussion Thread

  • He super cancel out of lp dp, mp dp, and hk tatsu’s second or third hit

  • He can juggle out of his new lk tatsu (you can do string xx lk tatsu->mp dp xx super)

  • All his slashes are now knockdowns. Lk (can combo from mediums and f.lp>mp) is one hit, mk (can combo from cr.HP or b.mp>hp) is two hits, and hk/ex cross up

  • Doing ex fireball using lp+hp does a punch into a fast short range fireball that puts in juggle state

  • You can do jump normals out of his air dashes but they all go forward with the distance depending on the punch pressed. Ex turns it into the old dashes depending on which two punches are pressed. Pressing three punches makes Oni dash down at a slight angle but I don’t think you can do any normals

  • B.hp is a two hit punch (kinda like Ryu’s f.hp) that link into normals

  • Dp animations are more like Akuma’s with the exception of ex that costs 2 bar, and does 320 damage (like most 2 bar ex moves)

  • Ground pound was changed into a demon flip like move that goes into dive kick or ground pound

That’s all I could find so far.

So with Omega mode, Capcom finally explores the most interesting aspect of his design…the command air dashes.

I really like omega Oni, he’s got a lot of new juggles, which is interesting. Not to mention his damage is beefed up now.
So, his basic punish combos seem to be:
B. Hp, TC2 xx Lk tatsu, Hp dp midscreen [326 Damage, 438 Stun]
B. Hp, TC2 xx Lp dp, Hp dp in the corner [368 Damage, 508 Stun]
B. Hp, TC2 xx Hk tatsu, Hp dp near the corner [344 Damage, 478 Stun]

For 1 Bar
B. Hp, TC2 xx new ex hadoken, Hp dp midscreen [361 Damage, 473 Stun]
B. Hp, TC2 xx EX tatsu, F. Hk, Hp shoryu in the corner (this works on Ryu, but I can’t get it on Akuma for some reason, may be character specific, or I may be bad) [410 Damage, 588 Stun]

For 2 Bars
B. Hp, TC2 xx Lk tatsu, EX dp midscreen [446 Damage, 528 Stun]
B. Hp, TC2 xx Lp dp, EX dp in the corner [488 Damage, 598 Stun]

I also found a couple of really cool combos on T. Hawk. These don’t seem to work on Ryu, so maybe it’s big body only?
B. Hp, TC2 xx Lp dp, F. Hk, Hp Dp in the corner [396 Damage, 588 Stun]
B. Hp, B. Mp, TC2 xx Lp dp, Ultra 1 [434 Damage, 362 Stun]

Oh, and all instances of Hp dp, except for after a F. Hk, can be replaced with Mk. tatsu. Lowers damage but increases corner carry which is nice. That’s all I could find so far. I’ll keep labbing it up though.

EDIT: Mk. tatsu info and damage/stun values

just found out (only managed to do it once) lp shoryu can link to air super anywhere on screen!

edit: oops didn’t read earlier it’s not a link at all hahah