Even scrubbier way to do FFF?

Okay so I was fucking around in training mode while high :china: trying to learn FFF, but I don’t play Viper and I have really bad execution so I found easymode:

The :3p: button on TEs will get you an HP, but it’ll get you EX seismo if you do the seismo motion before pushing it.

So what I did was:

:d: + :3p: (crouching fierce)
:qcb: + :hp: (HP thunder knuckle)
:3p: (thunder knuckle cancel)
:df: + :3p: (second cr. HP, beginning of EX Seismo motion)
:d:, :df: + :3p: (cancel into EX Seismo)

So yeah, I hope this is new to you guys. This seems like the scrubbiest way possible to perform this combo. Previously the “easy” tutorials for this combo involved negative edging the fierce and shit. Anyway this is completely tourney legal, the only place you can’t do it is in an arcade. Enjoy?

i still use 2 punches for mine but i use the shortcuts just like you do here. if you time it right and do the shortcut you done even need the last down motion you have there. my execution is bad as well so this is the only way i can pull off FFF consistently. works for me. pulled it off twice in a match yesterday

Mariodood it appears that your advice for other players has reached a new… high :smokin:

that’s how i actually did her FFF trials in Vanilla before i spent time learning how to play her. I love this engine.:xeye:

Honestly, that’s how I do my FFFs all the time haha. I can do it the normal way, but that way is really convenient.

I didnt have a problem with FFF with negative edge - my problem was linking the EX Seismo after it lol

I could do normal :hp: + ex seismo, but not FFF -> ex seismo :stuck_out_tongue:

Anyone have any tips on that?

Yep. You have to be used to the ACTUAL dp input though :slight_smile:
I fff to ex seismo this way : :hp: xx :qcb:+:hp: (really fast) (wait) :r:+:hp:+:mp:,:d:+:hp:+:mp: (hp has priority over mp so c.hp will come out), :df:+:hp:+:mp: (ex seismo comes out)

so… the second part of the move is a dp motion, and with each direction input you press :hp:+:mp:.

I was messing around in training mode practicing FFF and I noticed something that might have changed in SSF4.

I was able to spam :2p: or :3p: like crazy after the initial :hp: xx :qcb:+:hp: and no longer needed to wait. If memory serves me right in vanilla you had to wait/delay the :2p: or else an ex TK came out…

I probably should have tried with :3p: turbo on just to confirm.

My execution is garbage and this is what i do to do it

I hold the fierce and neg edge the thunder nuckle and just hit all 3 punches to cancel and hit fierce again


But that is pretty interesting, I’ll chalk that up with more shit I just learned about this game today.

That’s how I used to do FFF on pad before I bought a stick lol. I would basically mash L1 on a stock PS3 pad and press directions and the combo would come out. I was way more consistent with Vipers combos on pad than I am with a stick :lol:.

I don’t really use Viper though, I just find her fun sometimes.

Nice, to do it I remapped my ppp button to hp so i now do correct cr.hp, qcb old ppp, cr.hp and mp, cr.hp and mp xx dp hp and mp. I just found i could fierce thunder knuckle feint and move other than hp dead easy so presumed i needed another hp, and I didn’t use those buttons anyway.

Personally I perform FFF with out negavtive edge like this,

:hp::qcb::hp:,:mp::lp: c.:hp::dp::hp::mp:

I feel this is actually easier then the negative edge and only helps your execution in the long run. I also learned the negative edge though just for experience with a negative edge release.

Holy shit it works! I can pull off FFF 10/10 times from both sides of the screen now.

I use the PPP button for feints just cause I don’t have the dexterity to do a feint normally in combos. D:

IMO, you should never, ever have to allocate triple punches over a regular button, leave it in the corner or just stand with your original 6 buttons.

Moving on;

Took me a month or so to get FFF out consistently and now I do it like this…

:d: + :hp:

:qcb: + :hp:

:lp: + :mp: (feint)


:d: + :hp:

:df: + :hp:

I don’t think “shortcuts” are feasible, causes random shit to enjoy coming out(the worst I ever get and it makes me cry is feinting a regular seismo, then she does a mp seismo, I still don’t understand this)

The coolest part about Viper I think is all her option selects, if you’re fast enough with your feints you can literally option select feint every one of her attacks and visually confirm what you want to throw out after, wether it be fierce into ex seismo or cr. mk into a TK for block stun.

I looooooooove Viper. :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

I am the first to admit the method in the OP is scrubby, but you misunderstood me. I am not remapping the original fierce button. I’m using the actual PPP button on the TE. After all, it’s right next to the fierce.

As long as you know the timing to link the c.HP after the feint it’s pretty easy regardless of what method you use. Timing is most important. I really like how FFF is still an anomaly for people a year later. LOL.

That’s always how I’ve been doing FFF for the past couple of months. I could never figure out how to do it back in IV, and I still can’t use it now in a real fight. I can’t imagine pulling it off online especially since I’m using someone else’s connection and sometimes it’s shotty.

its the crowd pleaser, who doesn’t like seeing that combo performed.