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My name’s Mark and I’m new around here. I’m 16 and just started playing fighting games again for the first time in 8-10 years. Started playing SFIII3 and I’m remembering the love I had for the genre back then. I am/was primarily an RTS (Starcraft) and an RPG (WoW, FF, etc.) player, with some console shooters mixed in, but I’ve recently been extremely underwhelmed with recent shooters and I was looking for a game that didn’t take so much time (the average SC match is b/w 20-30 minutes). A few of my friends are huge fighting game buffs so they are the ones that originally got me interested in fighters again. Now, as my username suggests I’m fairly handy with electronics (plan on being an EE) so I found this site through a recommendation from a guy on Geekhack.org (another forum I’m part of) after I requested information on building my own fight stick. That’s going to be my main project for the next few months (that and getting better… D-D++ rank on every AI match :P)…

So yeah, I just figured I would say “hey.”

BTW, if I posted this in the wrong section, I apologize. I looked around but this seemed like the best place to put it.


Check out the Tech Talk section if you haven’t done so already. Lots of excellent info on building sticks and some very intelligent posters.

Since you are into circuit bending you might want to check out some of the music threads here as well.


Yeah, seems like I’ll be hanging out in Tech Talk a lot. I like the fact that people are focused on the topics at hand, as no one seems to have the time to read some noob’s intro thread :stuck_out_tongue:


Word, intro threads dont go over well around here. Anyhow, good luck on making a stick, its really not that hard just costly and time consuming.



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It’s still cheaper than buying one, right? I mean, a PCB can be scavenged, joystick + buttons can’t be more than 30 or so bucks, and I’m planning on making it coffee-table style with wood I have laying around (I can always make a nicer enclosure later)…

The TE is like 150 bucks? Yeah I can’t afford that… :stuck_out_tongue:


Even buying a PCB like the Peawong revolution is cheaper then buying one (And the Revo works on PS3 and 360.) TEs have great craftsmanship tho. I mean it’s a trade off. Building them sure is fun tho.


Thanks for the welcomes everyone :slight_smile:

I’m not super concerned with the “build quality” of my own stick, just because I know the actual components are of sound quality, and I know my electronics work is not great, but probably good enough. If something electronic needs fixing I can do that. And the wood’s build quality is also going to be crap but I know that from the beginning and have planned for that. I’m really just testing the waters right now.


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everyone needs to start somewhere. i know when i started doing the custom sticks they looks BAAAAD. but its just a matter of putting the time in. also good to know what size you want before going in to the build… and price wise… a good stick will cost you 20-30… and buttons will cost 2-4 per. if you want to build a ps3 stick let me know, i still have an old PS3 six axis PCB that you can have free if you pay for shipping also might still have some old Hori buttons that you can have free as well (again if you pay shipping).


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