Eventhubs Cody article

For those who don’t also troll the Eventhubs website, there is a new article and write up on Cody.

Cody Super Street Fighter 4 guide revised by Nyoronoru : News : EventHubs.com

my Cody article would have been much shorter
"If you want to win and you want to use Cody, your goals are mutually exclusive. Either play him and try to enjoy playing nothing but bad matchups, or pick somebody else."

thanks for putting the authors name in the link, so i knew i wouldnt need to bother reading it :coffee:

yup…try facing an akuma that just jump backs fireballs…so sad to watch you chase down akuma -_-

wth? run away akuma vs cody? that’s my dream. I’d rather have him jumping to his doom in either corner than raping the life out of me with mix ups and safe dive kicks ~_~

Only thing I dig about the ariticle is the “description” of cody. made me giggle.

“Cody is a heavy-hitting frame-trapping rock-throwing tank of destruction.”

I read some of the article just 'cause. Nothing people on this board doesn’t already know but nice to see him getting some good press.

Yesterday I had the ultimate runaway Akuma… he really wasn’t a good Akuma… but I had no chance. He only threw Air Hadoukens and Fire Hadoukens… When I finally reached him he teleported or tatsued away (bad point was that I ate some random hados…)

I just hit him with some stones. No single punch found its away towards Akumas ass xD It was very very annoying and I lost… ~200 PPs x(
But I have to say that his runaway tactics were very useful and good used against my Cody xD

I hate Akuma ;D

c.mk under red fireballs. c.mk also vs some air hados. nj over normal ones or simply block 'em. zonk vs closer midscreen hados + ex ruffian vs nearly fullscreen one.

From my own experience Cody’s bad matchups are:

-Abel (not THAT bad either)
-Sagat (being very lenient towards Sagat)

Every other matchup is fine.

rufus? how comes?

What about Dhalsim and Guile?

Now that I actually think about it, it’s not really a bad matchup =/. I suppose I said that because I’m used to getting beaten by the best European Rufus lol, so I automatically labelled the matchup bad. He doesn’t actually have anything that troubles Cody except for dive kick pressure which every character can counter.

You made me think lol, so yeah, Rufus isn’t bad either. Do you agree with the others or do you have any others that you think are bad for Cody?

How do you deal with divekick pressure from cammy/rufus with cody? With a lot of characters you can OS crouchtech+cr. mp, but I imagine that doesn’t work with cody’s?

It does, but dive kick pressure is still rough for Cody.

To be honest I don’t think those matchups are bad. The majority of the cast have a hard time getting in on both these characters so that is expected. Cody has EX Ruffian which completely shuts down Dhalsim’s zoning with fireballs and on knockdown you can OS LK Ruffian or U2 to prevent Dhalsim escaping. Trading with his limbs with a c.HP is always nice too.

With Guile you have to be more patient. Walking forward and blocking until you get at a certain range where you can Zonk his booms on reaction and when you get him in the corner that’s where you want to keep him. You can use Bad Stone to keep up with his booms but when he gets meter it becomes more difficult to fight with projectiles. Zonk is your friend in this matchup because it beats most of Guile’s common pokes which are: far.HP, far.HK, f.HP. I also use U1 in this matchup because I prefer to frame trap and hitconfirm into U1 instead of trying to anticipate and react to a boom.

Yes you can crouch tech with c.MP but it’s better to use c.HP because the hitbox is bigger and it does mroe damage. Usually when you beat out a characters dive kick they try to use frame traps to counterhit you. I think dive kick pressure is hard for most characters but every character has a way of beating them. It’s more to do with the player than the character when it comes to dealing with dive kicks in my opinion.

Whats that about the crouchtech MP/HP OS?

I have to input cr.LP+cr.LK+cr.MP/HP??? Never heard of that :smiley:
So if Rufus jumps again the cr.LK would whiff, instead the cr.MP/HP comes out and beats it because of the bigger hitbox?

Yes, but I don’t think hitboxes determine it.

Heavy attacks have priority over other inputs (lp+mp+hp gives you a hp)
Medium attacks have priority over light inputs (lp+lk+mp gives you a mp)
Kick inputs have priority over punch inputs (crouching lp+lk gives you cr. lk, cr.mp+mk gives you cr.mk etc.)

Throws, Focus Attacks, and Taunts have priority over other inputs if you’re standing. (exception: dan)

There’s more input priorities, but I can’t remember them.

taunt > focus > throw afair. this allows to taunt cancel a focus attack on the first frame. looks just splendid when u absorb a hadoken into a “hey, bring it allready…”.

Crouch tech against dive kicks by pressing c.LP + c.LK + c.HP all at the same time. That way if they go for another dive kick your c.HP will beat it and if they throw you’ll tech it. Also, they usually start using high dive kicks or frame traps which is where you can use a jump back normal or stand throw/backdash etc, respectively.

And yes it beats Rufus’ DIVE KICK, if he just jumped straight up he’d avoid it. It doesn’t beat high dive kicks however so you have to adjust.

tho, I’d mix up between c.mp and c.hp. but c.mp is faster and beats out lower divekicks, so I use that one more often.