Eventhubs pretty shady

I just caught wind of this while browsing FGC sites. :rolleyes:

I noticed the video on EH is different than the one SRK posted earlier. :confused:


Looks like Catalyst is doing some shady shit by deleting Candiasis’s comments if it is true to that comment post.

Hahahahahahahahahah, eventscrubs.

i like the part where he says he didn’t know it existed

hmm im not on anyones side(though ive never been to EH site for a long while now), but that article/video on EH was posted on Dec 1, 611pm while the srk one was posted on Dec 2 12pm ish… iono.

edit: then again both of the vid was uploaded on the 1st… both side can claim they found this out first… arguing, making it seems like such a big deal seems kinda wack though…

Yeah but the confusing part here is, why did he delete Candiasis’ comments? If it was an original EH video and discovery, why does he credit Candiasis?

The fuck is this about?

That… does seems pretty shady. Though I havent read the deleted comments so I wouldnt know… were the posts hostile? like

“what the fuck you guys steal my discovery!! fufufufuufuf mad mad”… if its something like that, maybe the posts were deleted to avoid turnin the whole thing into a flamewar? shrugs.

nowadays its hard to claim something you found as your original discovery(especially when sometimes its not true, youre not the first to find out about it)… i guess this is a lesson so that next time when one find out something “new”, before uploadin the stuff double check if it has been found/made known to public already… and maybe if lets say he wanna release the info to srk first, contact keits or anyone and make a post first before uploadin the video? i dont know, i guess just be more careful next time i guess…

I’m going to play devil’s advocate and say that the EH account candeisis is probably not the same person as SRK candeisis (usernames on eventhubs are about as trustworthy as those on 4chan) and is probably just someone trying to instigate drama between the two websites.

Not this shit again…


It’s pretty common knowledge now that Eventhubs is the Ebaumsworld of fighting game news. I’d leave this thread open but the one last week about this turned out nasty real quick. Sorry.