Eventmode #17 Glitch(video)

I recorded this glitch a While back and recently decided to upload it. This happened during event #18(1v1). I was playing as spider-man and fighting Chun-li and she looked like this. I’m posting this because I haven’t seen it before and wanted to know if anyone else had seen it.

My bad event #18


Desk, we need your assistance.

…dat hitbox

fuck wrong with dat nigga hitbox?

It’s your GPU overheating.

I’ve seen this happen outside of this event, at NCR one Taskmaster’s cape became stuck to the floor. Apparently it’s a lot more serious when it happens to Chun.

I wouldn’t be surprised if piskooooo was right and it’s your GPU overheating.

Yeah I agree, it looks like artifacting. I had the same problem with my old PC.

Thigh power over 9000 degrees maybe? That would overheat alot of things.