Events Date Pages are filled with crap


I used to use SRK’s Event section all the time to find the next tournament I need to go to, but it’s looking like that ain’t happening this time. I look at tomorrow’s schedule and see 100+ events - that’s great! That means I’ve very likely to have something to do tomorrow. Then I actually open it up and see:
-Tons of obvious spam advertising episodes of TV shows and other crap.
-Many duplicated events, where I see four TerpZones, 5+ MINEs, 5+ UFT2 SFxTs, 2 Game Galaxies, etc etc etc.
-Tournaments and events for games that have a questionable relationship with fighters: what genre of fighter does Black Ops belong to?
-Dead events. Why do we have events from Aug. 4th showing up on the page for Aug. 18th?

It’s getting out of hand. It would be nice if I could click on a date and find actual FGC events happening on that particular date. I personally wanted to request some sort of further integration with Google Maps that allows us to see all the events happening in relation to how far they are from our current distance, but right now I think it’d be better to just get it readable.


Would love to see this fixed, too. I don’t want to have to go to EventHubs for their weekly list. :[


Its been fixed!


Awesome! Thanks!