Ever Dislocate Your Kneecap?

I dislocated my kneecap in karate class while doing a roundhouse kick to the punching bag.Luckily my dad knew 1st aid and popped it back in.It swolled up slightly and i couldn’t fully extend my leg without feeling a “tired feeling in my leg”.Now a week has gone by and I can stand up on my own without any help but I have a heavy limp when i walk on it so now I use crutches.I have it wrapped in a brace too and I notice keeping it elevated helps alot too.Im going to try and see a doc if it dosen’t improve by next week and get it x-ray’d.Anyone here ever dislocate their knee and how long did it heal?any tips?

No, that sounds horrible. Why haven’t you gone to the doctor/emergency room yet? Fool.

It is horrible.The reason I didn’t go is because I’ve had it happen before like 10 years ago and I didn’t go and it healed.But I don’t remember how long it took since I was little.Im going if it dosen’t improve over the next week or so.

You definitely want to see a doctor even it it does heal. Chances are that it can happen again. I took this kinda mentality with my shoulder when it first dislocated, but it kept on happening more frequently over the last couple of years.

Eventually I was diagnosed with a conditon called a SLAP tear, which required surgery and now it’s been 6 months and I’m still doing physio for it.

Thanks,im going to definetly do that.i noticed with all my dislocations it only happens when i “snapped” my leg out fast other that it never happens.So hopefully it’s only on movements like that.But i’ll see when I go to the doc.I’d hate having that happen again.im sorry to hear about ur shoulder dislocating,I can only image the pain that comes with that dislocating frequently.Hope it gets better

I had this same type of recurring injury when I was younger. It usually happened when playing football on grass, and I was a teenager. Exactly as you described is how it felt, healing, but it kept happening off and on till college. When I hit college I began a more complete weight training program which really worked my legs. As the muscles got bigger in my legs, it just stopped happening. Guess I just had weak knees. I suggest giving that a shot, when you feel like eating hay and running on the Plains, your legs should be where you need them to be.

never my knee cap, but i dislocated my knee. i tore my acl and meniscus. 4 surgeries later my knee is still jacked up. this happened about 5 years ago.

I haven’t, but it sounds painful as hell!

@Ceaser,thanks man,i’ll look into that.I’ve been doing some “thigh raises” while sitting down to strengthen my thighs.I was reading that having weak thigh muscles is one of the reasons a kneecap can go out of place.Glad your doing better

@Spideyman,yeah once things starts hitting ur joints/muscles its a wrap.With my kneecap going out like that I think I might be done with sports and things of that nature.Im too scared that it might pop out again.But wow,the whole knee going out irks me man.Feel better.

@C1581,Yeah its very painful,make sure to never “snap” your legs out fast during a kicking movement or any movement involving ur legs.And to help avoid it strengthen your thigh muscles while u have the chance.I’ve heard women comparing a dislocated kneecap to child birth.Idk how true it is,but it is painful and disgusting to hear and look at.That pop sound makes me cringe.

yeah not me, but my brother friend just did it this summer. He was fucked up! Lucky nothing was torn so he didn’t have to have surgery and just was able to rehab it. He’s still messed up though and this was like 4 or 5 months ago. It’s a serious injury…like anything to do with your knees. You really should go to the doctor.

thanks,is he still walking with a limp?I hope nothing is torn in mine.The thought of surgery is scary

I remember Snaaaake’s mom dislocated her kneecap & she still finished the BJ like a true champ!

Go make an appointment with an orthopedist. A family practice doc is gonna order an x-ray and make sure nothing’s broken and tell you to follow up with an orthopedist if the pain persists. Basically since a regular doctor/er doctor didn’t see you when the injury occurred they’ll probably think you’re scamming them for pain meds.

Thanks for the info,I didnt know that.Now I just have a slight limp when I walk so thats a good sign,its healing,im still using the crutches until im 100% tho.

my friends knee dislocated while falling down a hill off his bike, it snapped back in again when it hit the bottom.

Shit swelled for days.