Ever doubt Cat Girlx is boosting? Doubt no more!

Yeah, I know everyone is probably 99% that this ‘girl’ is a booster. Dude finally posted some videos on YouTube. I haven’t seen this much scrubby Juri play since release day.

[media=youtube]pXiU9OBfLq4]YouTube - ?Musashi (Ibuki) vs AyiA Girl (Juri) [SSFIV Ranked Match[/media]

[media=youtube]Rn9P1RrTzgM]YouTube - ?AyiA Girl (Juri) vs Soul Badass (M.Bison) [SSFIV Ranked Match[/media]

He also needs to approve comments before they are posted. I posted a message telling him he is a booster and his Juri stinks, got this personal reply:

“too bad your post got deleted… OWNED!”

Big time boosters. I’ve never seen such garbage players before.

lol at the bison vid… random point blank slides, block strings with c. fierce, wake-up teleports into jump-ins(probably the most funny thing I saw)
the juri isn’t much better either.

She must have a legion of boosters that she plays with cuz I could beat those people with my eyes closed

How does one boost?

Well, somebody said something about how their “master won again” in the video. I replied to the comment with “You know your “master” is a cheater right? Even professional Street Fighter players don’t have that many points.”

She blocked me and posted something about how I have horrible videos on my channel. She’s not that good, and probably a boy.

Edit: I gave her the link to this thread in her YouTube inbox. Hopefully Lulz will start to ensue shortly.

Lol, what the Bison is doing is completely nonsensical, as if he was mashing random buttons. It’s impossible for a player above 4000 PP to be THAT bad. Either he’s boosting too, or he’s purposely losing, maybe both.

This is so sad…

“She” also has it set so comments need approval… wonder why

That’s some hype Milli Vanilli shit there.

She keeps shit talking my videos now. Lol

Man, this guy has serious issues.


I’m still wondering how he boosted to get that many points…

in before the lulz

and all of you care why?

this is the first fighting game i’ve ever played (only been playing for a week) and i could tell it was scrubby play lol… i actually came to this thread cause i saw the videos for myself and was wondering if it had been posted on here yet…

i also tried to post a comment on her video and got “comment pending approval”

Mostly boredom, and we like drama.

YouTube - ?Quickiezzz’s Channel?‎

She had something to say about the people who frequent this board as well.

New Edit: So now she’s lying to her friends saying that I’m upset because she beat me in an Endless lobby. I don’t even know what system this person plays on.


haha i tried to post another comment on her “his” video and it says i’m blocked from this user videos… they seriously have issues

This person has been put on blast numerous times. I’m not going to post details lol but it’s a male and he boosts like a mofo

Actually no…

This forum has no videos of anything negative other than what she uploaded, you guys already slandered her saying she has a “97% DC ratio” which was proven to be complete BS. Yes shes a female, yes shes ok at the games she plays. She has a mic, end of story.

I will probably get trolled for saying this, but who cares, this board sucks anyways.


SRK SCRUBS GET OWNED AGAIN… in a web of lies.

I can only assume you were giving a nice, honest, straight forward friendly comments correct? Lol, you trolled her page now you are upset you can’t troll her anymore? OH TOO BAD! The trolls are upset they cant troll.