Ever get hated on for using Viper?

Hey guys, an incident occurred not too long ago where i fought a youtube street fighter that goes by the name 38006 that mains bison -i guess-. The first time we fight, he wins 5-1, no complaints about lag or anything, all is well. I even gave him his props bc he was a decent bison, he gives me my props too. :tup:. THEN, one day i decide to a him for another set first to 5, he gladly accepts, and we fight. 1st match i win, and then he msgs me telling me he had to turn his HUD on (really? :wtf: ) And then he comes back, and i beat him 5 more times, and the final score is 6-2. Then he had the nerve to msg me saying i only won because there was lag and he wasnt connecting any combos, which truthfully he connected enough…but really? There was barely BAD lag spikes, and there wasnt really any button lag showing. I was literally playing like he was next to me(and you all know how hard it is to connect seismo xx seismo pressure with the “serious” lag he made it out to be :nono: ) Then he says i was winning on bs moves and stuff, which he apparently couldnt handle this time. It sounded like the typical hate mail you would get for waxing someone so hard.

So then after all this, i upload some new vids onto my youtube channel, and noticed he also unsubbed me, so i decided to ask him why he did, and he comes at me with all this negativity and hostile bs. I started with a little fun sarcasm, bc it didnt bother me that he unsubbed (i barely have subs anyways :bluu: ) “Hey thanks for unsubbing, seems like after that 6-2 loss something bugged the hell out of you, but its all good, =]. Ill stay subbed to you, because i actually like your creativity and video editing skills.” And thats where all heck broke loose, he started commenting me back with some really unecessary stuff for an adult to say, to a 16 yr old might i add :nono: )

“wow Shaunt29
i unsubbed cause u haven’t uploaded any vids in over 7 weeks and remember u asked me to sub u .
and yeah u beat me 5-2. and it was off of luck and pure psn lag ure viper was complete garbage nigga for real i beat yo ass 5-1. 3 weeks before we had that last set were u beat me and i didnt play the game 2 weeks before we fought the last time but yeah shut yo ass up ure viper was shit 6 weeks ago and is still shit . u just lucky i havnt been playing this game” Really now? I try to stay as positive s i can throughout this whole arguement

That was a mouthful but, what im saying is, it seems people never seem to take into consideration how hard it was to use Viper to her full potential, maybe because im young and dont understand everything, idk, but this situation just bothered me so bad that i had to post this mess on SRK. If you wanna read the rest of our conversation click here , im not trying to make you all sub me, its just i wanted everyone to see what this guy had to say and how much hes hating atm, I hate doing stuff just to get false criticism. BTW its not over yet, im putting him on blast hopefully this weekend through video, because this isnt flying by me. :nunchuck:

So do you guys have moments where you’ve felt like you got hated on for using Viper?

EDIT: Everything got solved, so there is no beef anymore.

i dont ever listen to ppl who hate, no point not even worth my time to respond to them.

Yeah true…and im usually like that, but this is a guy whose vids i used to watch, and he seemed mad cool, then out of no where he just…flipped o.O.

It happens. Especially when you beast on someone so hard they have no idea where they even started to lose. 99% of SF4 players have no idea the work that has to be put into viper to be effective. Being able to do her combos is about 20% of her game. Let the haters hate. I get told she’s a bullshit character almost nightly, and it cracks me up. Especially because it seems like it’s always from people who play her bad matchups (Honda/Gief/Rog/Bison)

don’t know why he’s complaining viper is bottom tier on lag lol

I think he’s just hating on you for winning, sore loser style. Not specifically hating on you for playing Viper. Also there’s little that stops Bison in lag, especially in a good match up against a character that dies hard in lag.

Question him concerning his madness and move on.

I let my friend borrow my X360 copy of SFIV and fightstick for a little while. I was bored so I decided to purchase the PC version through a sale.

There was some cunthead on GFW Live by the name of VelvetMist (he won 8-2) who kept sending me harassing messages talking about how “my Viper sucked” and that he “picked up Ryu only a week ago” (yeah, sure you did buddy.) What he didn’t know was that I was playing on some dinky Logitech controller. I mean, I can manage okay okay with the controller, but you can’t expect any miraculous combos or anything coming from me. I swear he was so stupid. “Look listen you noob, if you want to get better then visit shoryuken.com and visit the forums so you can learn something.” Really?? Says the idiot who can’t Shoryu FADC into Ultra. -_-;;

And there was another good Viper that beat me 3-0. They were very close matches so I sent him a message saying “ggs”, and he replies back and calls me a flowchart Viper. Again, using the dreaded controller.

I swear, GFW Live players are some ridiculous idiots. I’m so glad to have my fightstick and X360 copy back.

Flow char Viper? That’s fucking gold.

yeah, i piddled a little when i read that.

Once. Beasted on some dude’s Sagat and he sent me “Look at me! I play Viper! I’m cool and different!”

Otherwise, most of the time when people send me messages they compliment me. I’m 100% sure that Ryu/Ken/Sagat players get more hate than Viper does.

LMAO. Is there even such thing as a flow chart Viper? That seems about as possible as being a flow chart Fuerte? Which I don’t main either character but to me they both seem like there is a lot of reaction time based skill involved, mind games, deception, and usually requires a busier left hand than most the cast.

There’s no such thing as cheap, or turtling, or losing as a result of a character being broken. The person that is hating on you has the mentality that these things really exist. And if they did, and you were able to beat them by being cheap, what does that say about the person who lost who is hating on you? Why, if they are so great, do they not have an answer for these cheap, spammed, abused tactics? It’s because they do not have an answer for you style of playing them.

Anytime you run into this kind of situation where you are playing competitively, stop and ask yourself “if i were playing that match for money, would I be concerned about if the person I beat called it cheap, or would I change from what works and give them an opportunity to get on the offensive and take this match from me?” No! It’s the same reason football teams run out the clock (with the exception of not risking injury). So if you come across a person that just rages on you because they can’t find an answer to how you are playing against them, don’t bat an eye, just get the W! (However, if you are playing with your little brother in your living room, cut the kid a break) otherwise if the game is to be taken seriously, your goal is to drain the opponents life bar, or to have more health when time runs out. Those two things are the only thing that dictates in any fashion how you should or shouldn’t play the game.

The better you get, the more people you beat. The more people you beat, the more sore losers you find, and they will let you know about it. It’s up to you whether or not you let them bother you. I wouldn’t. If they were smart, they’d develop a “flow chart defense” for your “flow chart character.” Just get your wins any way you can and when you lose look at it as an opportunity to improve. And if people get you down, run it by me or anyone else that will let you vent to them that takes the game seriously, and you’ll see that you are the better player and just so long as you ignore them, you are he better person.

lol all of these situations had me lauging over here guys, especially the one about flowchart viper…lol. but speaking on that, a while back i fought a viper that actually tried to use her like ken/ryu (i.e jump hk to trip) lol. i think i died a little inside when i saw that.

I do grimy shit to my friends who are learning new characters. One dude ranted for 10 minutes because he was playing Dhalsim and I kept doing MP knuckles to him, just over and over again. He finally decides to stop blocking and just goes for a throw, I IBK him in the face and ultra off of it. He nearly threw the stick at that point. Hahaha.

That’s pretty funny, I’ve been told to stop playing Viper before tho. Which kind of hurts but nothing to do but carry on really :stuck_out_tongue:

Lol, people hate on us Viper players now? I thought Viper players were practically revered. That being said, I know a certain Sagat player that hates Viper. Apart from that, no one has ever hated on me for using her before.

A chime in from a Ken player, I love fighting Vipers. Up there with Bison and Chun, you guys are some of my favorite fights. I have to always be on my toes, really tests my ability to block, and one wrong move and I’m losing literally half health.

With that said, I was fiddling around with viper a few days ago in player matches, and it was like people didn’t learn that seismo has to be blocked low, didn’t learn that after one thunder knuck, I’m gonna do another one, didn’t learn that you can’t block normally on my flame kick. And I got message after message for spamming. I’m in no way shape or form a good viper, I can do ex seismo into flame kick into fierce thunder knuck. That is my claim to viper. But I got so much hate mail claiming I’m a spammer, I suck, I shouldn’t be winning. What made it worse was, most of those mail were from Ryu’s who I would just dodge fireballs and then seismo when they try and throw another one.

Yeah Viper is one of the hardest characters to flowchart with and get any real results out of. She doesn’t have frame traps or anything of that sort. You just constantly have to bait your opponent with flashy shit and force them to do something stupid. The hardest part about playing Viper is dealing with people who know that all of her crazy looking specials are slow and easily run around by basic SF shit.

I once played a Sagat with like over 50,000 CP. After I beat him, he claimed that he hates Viper and would never fight one again lol. One of the dumbest things I’ve ever heard.

I once perfected an irl friend who used to bash on viper and rape her real bad (when i started with her and i sucked) 3 times in a row using resets and viper shennanigans. Before the matches started, he said i’ll never lose to such a sucky bitch. Guy got pissed at me and actually wanted to fight cause he claimed i was playing cheap(he plays rufus…) and had no technique and couldn’t do real combos like rufus’. I loled so hard when he said that that he got even more pissed and ragequitted the 2nd round of the 2nd match (was probably gonna get another perfect) and went straight home. Didn’t talk to me for like 2 days, all my niggas who were at my crib the day i whooped his ass were making fun of him for losing so bad and being such a hater. We’re still friends but whenever i take viper, he gets really pissed.

Scratch that, now I’ve been hated on twice for using Viper. Some random online dude called me a ****** for playing a female character :rofl:

Small world. Didn’t know you posted here, man. Sup :stuck_out_tongue: