Ever gonna be as good 2p as I am 1p?

lol never thought I’d in saikyo dojo but here goes…

Yo after switching to Yang in 3s from charge characters (I main Guile in AE and ST) I’ve come back to the old issue of having a better side execution-wise. Mainly because I can’t seem to move my hand left as fast as I can move it right, I can always do his rekkas easier facing right than I can facing left (also can hit confirm better too).

I also noticed in games with airdashes that I can almost always IAD facing right but not left… pretty big issue.

1st: Anyway I can do motions to the left faster? I hold my ball-top underhand btw, somehow most everything works better for me that way (screwed next time I go play 3s in UP though…).

2nd: There ever going to be a point where I’m just equally good at doing stuff in both directions? Learn a combo one way then do it the other right off the bat?

Pretty much what I’ve been going through too. From Ryu to Chun and then from Chun to Yang. Now I have the “bad-side blues” myself. I believe that we are always “cursed” with a bad side really. I might be wrong or just bad of course, but motions towards the left side never feel quite as natural as towards the right to me. I guess in the end it just requires a tad more persistence with training the bad side and being a little more mindful of it during matches. You probably will never be 100% as good with both sides but you can bridge the gap as much as possible.

I think you can improve yes. I like you favor the 1p side, but I have improved over time. For instance many years ago I could not execute dp’s with any stability on 2p, but today I execute them with no problems. I suspect what experience you will have is that you will learn slower on player 2 but you can still learn.

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