Ever had a proud moment in this game?


So was playing a few days ago against a friends XF wolvie. I got locked down in the corner under some sent dones and I ended up blocking somewhere along the line of 2 x instant overheads, a low, a crossup Beserker Slash, a non-crossup beserker slash, and a crossup divekick before I was able to safely press buttons again. Ended up pulling it out in spectacular fashion and as the gravity squeeze was ending the match I paused and said “I don’t give a fuck, that was amazing defense”.

Got mad load of crap from everyone for saying it, but so many good reads/reactions that all could have lost me of the round just made me think “DAMN, that’s why I play fighting games”.

Share your moments.


No! I am ashamed of everything I do in this game!


When this guy snapped in my Phoenix (Jean Gray) because he thought he was smart but I got a happy birthday on him and opened up his Wesker making a very salty loser send me some salty messages


Ashamed or feel dirty, sometimes the dirtiest things are the most right.


I remember I was playing phoenix, and some guy decided to run from me. It was working of course because I am a completely fraudulent phoenix. Like 5 seconds left, so he hard drive to stall out time. I accidentally teleported as soon as he hardrived, and he ended up accidentally killing me. I proceeded to mash crouching light and win. a very proud moment indeed


One time in vanilla I did my extended Thor/Dante combo online. Only once though. Oh and I beat a DP in lvl3 XF with Thor alone. God of Thunder > PMSing bitch.


Pixel comeback on 2 character with Deadpool.
No XF, all win.

Everytime i kill XF4 Wesker.


This one time I had no one but Wesker left, wasn’t sure what to do so I just slapped the stick out of confusion, for some reason he glowed red and moved really fast, then I just kept pressing LMHS until the guy stopped blocking and I killed all three of his characters and won.


Killing XF3 DP with no XF Wolv/Deadpool in Vanilla.


I am morally unclean! I exploit shameful gimmicks, I abuse shameful tactics, and I employ shameful strategies. I have disgraced my family.


Oh. OH. I thought this was the SF4 forum.

in that case probably whenever I take the disc out of the system?

/jkjkjk <3 Marvel


Anytime I stop some idiot from doing a bunch of unsafe shit that only works due to lag. Makes me happy.


It took a lot of commitment and concentration, but after hours of hard work, I was finally able to take the disc out and break it in two pieces.

Of course I’m talking about my copy of Vanilla. I would never do that to UMVC3; bestest game in the galaxys, even if it doesn’t stay the same for more than a month.


I once convinced the group I play with to turn the game off and play some 3rd strike. They got mad salty cause they suck dick at fighting games and went back to marvel. Proudest moment ever.


Learning thoser sexy looking viper mixups. Shits remind me Of MvC2.


So sexy/


My three best moments was:

  1. Getting a Merry Christmas against my friend using arthur and killing all three of his characters with his level 3.
  2. Coming back with a non Dark Phoenix with by getting a happy birthday on two of his characters and zoning out his tron
  3. Coming back with Taskmaster against team Hyper Armor(Hulk/Sential/Haggar)


executing the crazy combos i think in my head.


I actually felt pretty good today - had a ranked match against a dude with a killer Hulk / Sentinel / Dante setup, lots of nasty armored Gamma Charge / drones into hypers into one-touch kills. Really smart X-factor usage, great team synchronicity, just a dude with a really solid game plan.14 game win streak, over 100 games won, like 10 lost. He just massively overwhelmed me. Sent him “that was sick” as a message, I was so impressed. We got rematched and I managed to squeak out a win using every trick in the book and what might be the best blocking of my life and it didn’t feel cheap or unearned at all (like wins in this game sometimes do). A rare thing!


Every Sentinel reverse OCV X-factor comeback for me is a proud moment.

For my opponent it’s a complete disaster.


Was down to only a quarter health Arthur against a near full-health dark phoenix. It looked bleak but in a desperation move i suddenly went on the offensive with jumping S which landed. Then launching Air combo into the corner + OTG air combo + OTG Goddess bracelet, killed her.

Another similar situation occurred against a Dark Phoeinix player where my Arthur only had a shred of health left. As she was rushing towards me for the kill, and almost literally nose to nose with Arthur, i X-factored + Goddess bracelet and beat her.

“You have faced a Knight and Lost”