Ever hooked a SF4 Taito Type X2 arcade board to an ASUS monitor?

I’ll probably have a hard time finding an answer to this question but.

I’m an arcade purist. I always play ST, A3, and 3S on an arcade cabinet. One day I shall buy the Taito Type X2 board for SSF4. It looks like the two boards alone will cost 20K. No cabinet included. But since I’m all about the arcade hardware, I would like to know if anyone ever connected a Taito Type X2 board to an ASUS monitor and if that works.

If I ever get a SSF4 board I rather have ASUS monitors and hack TE sticks then buy a cabinet.

But does the ASUS monitor and the SSF4 arcade board work well? If it works at all?

The Taito Type X2 is literally just a PC with special software, it has all the connections necessary for a monitor.

Awesome thanks. But Capcom is killing people with that SSF4 price geez louis 13K.

I know the cabs at one of my local arcades use HDMI to the monitors. Should be no problem.

Since it literally is a PC I hope it gets bootleg like crazy, not so that I could buy it but so Capcom will lower the official board down to a reasonable price. Just like how Capcom literally gave away the hyper fighting chip back in the day because of rainbow. As a Capcom collector I only buy authentic but 13k for just a board is ridiculous.


It’s a PC with a security key - that was hacked ages ago. Makes no real sense to buy a Taito Type X2 - unless you’re a purist and have money - which seems to be the case.

Ignore me, lol. Good luck in your quest - arcade is the best way to go. ;D

Yeah I’m hoping for quick bootlegs too, same happened to blazblue:CS right? Easiest solution is to just stuff an $800 PC in there with a bootleg of said game and you’d have the same effect and maybe a better system even (SSDs are getting cheaper these days). The price difference is just too much to even consider it in my opinion. I think it has something to do with buying the rights of profiting from somebody else’s product as an arcade owner, also weighing in how much income you’d get from it and taking an avarage (i’m guessing but seems logical).
So as a ‘consumer’ I don’t think you should feel these should apply to you as well, even if you do want the original I don’t think you should just ignore these things. So technically/morally you’re in the clear if you buy the arcade version game and use the bootleg’s cracks that make it run on a regular OS.

I could be horribly wrong so feel free to correct me.

You could always buy the same monitor they use in the Vewlix cab. It’s the Sanwa LCD T32H075(KA) . I have no clue where to get it though, and it probably costs a fortune.

You know after the CPS-1 board Capcom was always good at stopping bootleggers. The CPS-2 was hard to bootleg. Today it’s easy to Phoenix a CPS-2. As for CPS-3, it’s so hard to hack. I wish there is a way you could Phoenix a game like Third Strike so it wouldn’t have to rely on a battery.

If someone finds a way to Phoenix CPS-3 boards then that the arcade game equivalent of curing cancer. Right now I have five dead 3S carts:(

But unlike Capcom from what I’ve been hearing Taito Type 2X is easy to boot.

Anyone know where in the world they have arcade bootleg SF4? I just wanna hear stories. I wonder if you can even tell just by looking at it.

There’s no way you could tell between the bootleg and original at all. Unless you looked inside of course. :slight_smile:

Where are these arcade SF4 bootlegs located lol? Is there a place where there are just too many arcade SF4’s and you’re wondering how they could afford all of them lol? A place besides Japan of course.

Has there been an official price release?

13K US$

Source: Arcade Infinity (arcadeinfinity) on Twitter

How many plays would it take to even make that profitable

Well since the Super Street Fighter 4 arcade machine is really only for the Japanese market then it can make some profit in Japan. From what I’ve been told from my friend who went to Japan is that in Japan corporation own arcades. So they could afford to drop 100K or more in SSF4 arcade cabinets just to get people in the door. And plus in Japan arcades are a place to play Street Fighter unlike here where we play it online at home. Another reason is in Japan it cost about the equivalent of $1 a game so 13K is not really that unreasonable for Japan where it’s suppose to be only $.25 a game still in the USA.

In SoCal there are seven arcades that have vanilla 4 arcade set up (AI,FFA, Denjin, Alex Arcade, James Games, Video 94, Family Arcade) and SF players of So Cal drive there to play them. So that’s what keeps it alive. We still have an arcade scene. But the problem is that they have to be $.25 a game to gamers to go there for the most part. $1 a game in America is asking too much and people will just stay home. So that’s why AI announced it won’t buy it for 13K. It’s really bad business to import it and it will take forever just to break even.

So the arcade scene in So Cal is still alive but making Super 4 for 13K just for the upgrade might put it in danger when it comes to SSF4 and then what about less then two years later when Street Fighter Vs Tekken comes out and it will cost that same price or more. (I doubt MVC3 is coming to an arcade version in Japan).

To help keep the arcade scene alive in the world outside Japan, particularly in the west, I hope a lot of bootlegs show up all over to place to convince Capcom that this price is so unreasonable.

If the Taito Type 2 is just a glorified PC then it’s really stupid cheap for Capcom to make and Capcom, despite their fighting game fans being real good to them right now, is being really greedy.

At a dollar a piece? Not including operating expenses (Electricity and upkeep on the cab) 13,000.

Including that…you’re probably looking at 16000 plays before it begins to go in the black.

And Ni8wing, asking for someone to tell you where one would go about finding bootlegs of Taito Type X2 games is like asking to get kicked in the nads by a mod.

I’d edit those posts, to save your butt.

Like I said I don’t buy bootlegs. I only buy the official Capcom Product. I hate bootlegs. I even own only blue capcom cabinets. Look at my avatar picture:)

But thanks for the heads up.

I also live in So Cal and never been outside America before so I have no idea what they are doing in the Asian or Latin countries.

Let’s just talk about the economics of it.

In Vegas a slot machine cost around 20K. And they buy a lot so people don’t have to wait in line to play one. And I’m guessing that arcades in Japan are like casinos in Vegas in the way that they have like rows and rows of the same fighting game.

So say that an arcade in Japan has a double row of ten SSF4 machines (The arcades probably also buy it in bundle from Capcom so they get a discount) and everyone is playing it for a $1 a game then it’s a extreme high money maker and will have no time in making it’s money back.

Import that one same arcade machine here in So Cal and you’ll have like a 15 player wait and only it’s only $.25 a game. By having that crowd waiting you’re losing so much money. Unlike in Japan where everyone gets a machine and there is no wait.

Ah geez. I was going to get my hands on a Vewlix and was waiting for the price. I was hopping to put it on location. But 13k is just too much. I was prepared for 6.5k, maybe even a bit more, but not 3x more then any other game…

So now I am back to figuring out a way to rig a cabinet up to take money and work a system like an arcade board…

But to answer your question. X2 is a PC. The graphics card is DVI out. ASUS monitors have straight DVI in. Sound needs to be sent along a 3.5mm phone jack.

I know places that rig the start button of the xbox or the PS3 to the coin slot. So when you drop your coin it automatically presses start for you.

The only problem with that is that you got to leave it on arcade mode for it to be effective. If it’s on versus mode then you still could play the game for free. Also, you can’t fast forward intros or inbetween rounds because the start button is disabled.