Ever run into people that play KOF,mvc2,etc

Well usually I don’t meet too many people that play fighting games like I do, but the other day I got this nursing class I’m taking and their is a guy that sits behind me and somehow he got to mentioning MvC2. So I’m like cool he plays marvel, wonder who he plays…

So after class I asked if he went to Super(local arcade with all japanese machines) and he says he goes quite often, which I’m thinking yeah what bs I never seen his ass there :rolleyes:.

So I ask him who he plays hoping he will say any one of the big 4 so maybe we can play or something. And he goes hmm…jin:wonder: …strider:confused: …spider-man:sad:. So I go…ohhhh…uhh that’s cool. And then he goes to tell how his friend can pick up games in like an hour and master them and he says how he has been playing marvel for 2 or so years and his friend played for an hour and was able to kick his ass :rofl: :rofl: , I just thought in my head…“damn, yall just a bunch of noob’s”.

Anyways, thought I would share this, anyone else met similar people???

pretty much the classic meet of scrub and BEAST, i just hope you didn’t rube his face in it by ocving his ass.

These sisuations happen to me about… all the time.

I don’t recall anyone I’ve meet outside of SRK not like this.

Hahaha, I suggested we get together and play and I said I would beat him and his friends ass down and he laughed. He did bring up Cable and say how he hated him :lol: :lol: :lol:

I havn’t gone to super in a awhile… what teams do u use in mvc2?

Well the people at my arcade(Super also) run the gauntlet from sucktacluar to Insane Crazy AZN.

I don’t see this behavior so much around here because a) the only people I ever hear talking about fighting games are my friends and b) all the Japanese guys are beasts, so they back up what they say.

I do however, frequently come across this situation regarding paintball as there was this one cocky kid in my class this one day and he was bragging about having [some not-that-great-paintball gun] and I came up to him and casually inquired. He went on about how he could beat me and said he was going on Saturday. That Saturday, I came with my [a hell of a lot better gun that he had] and tourny gear and owned him the first chance I got.

Different game… same scrubs…

Once I was browsing SRK in my school’s library and this guy next to me goes “Hey, is that SRK?” Weird shit, I never really talked to him again though :lol:

When I worked at Gamestop, this guy said he beats all his friends, at his house, with Akuma, Ken, and Ryu. I usually run with BH, Doom, Cyke. I told him I wouldn’t even have to tag out BH…

I had a situation with a guy I worked with. He found out that I was a tekken player. In talking to him, he did not know much about the game other than the characters names and the position of the buttons on the dash. He said that we shouldn’t play one another, as he would kick my ass. I acknowledged this with a simple “your right, we shouldn’t play each other.” He then proceeded to talk smack talk each and every time I would see him. After one month of this, I grew tired and agreed to a match or two. After a couple of perfects and an aerial combo display, he then complained that I was a cheater and his controller was broken. Ugh…

Oh boy yes I run into this stuff a lot.

if I even show them the game of mvc2 they say " its so fast that I cant see whats going on"

If you mean people who say they’ve “Mastered” the game and couldn’t fight their way out of a wet paper bag… Then yes, I’ve met plenty of Garbage.

LOL! JIN AND SPIDERMAN! That had me going. I bet he just picks them because they look cool. nubs.

Rule #1 of SRK: You don’t talk about SRK.

i deal with this alot in my area cuz i live in orange county full of scrubby ppl who r still obsessed with team shoto on mvc2 i mean everynow and then you’ll see a cable player but they always rely on their damn anti air hahaha go to the block of orange to see how horrible they r haha

To be honest, I can hardly even find people that even play video games other than people who play FPS or racing games on thier Xbox 360. Also, those type of people are usually the ones who say “WTF THATS SO CHEAP” when you try to play them in a fighting game.

I would even probably try to enter tournaments and such if I could get some actual experience playing against good people. After a while, defeating the computer or a friend who knows nothing about the game for the 100th time gets really boring. Also online sucks ass. I tried playing in MAME32k and the lag just kills the whole experience.

Running into people who play fighting games besides the people on SRK? Must be some kind of joke. Never happened to me before.

lol at my college it’s like a Renaissance of scrubby ass fighters. so far i managed to get 2 guys to actually make an attempt at playing 3s seriously and everyone else plays tekken. i guess thats better than nothing.

When I run into someone that plays, I always believe they would be a challenge to beat. In fact, I’m probably the one that the other person thinks is a newbie.

So true so true, most of the time people bring up games they talk about lame sports games on the x-box 360, knowing damn well they only play because of the graphics:rolleyes::rofl:

I played my friend marvel for the first time and I OCV’d his ass with Doom using no helpers, it’s funny just running around using the same cheap tricks and watching them not block anything, when they lose they get pissed and shout irrelevent insults:rofl: :rofl: