Ever switched characters randomly?


so i was watching some matches from different WNF’s recently and it gave me an urge to play as storm so i decided to change teams and build a storm team. anyone else ever done this? i haven’t been able to play much but during evo im going to practice and learn her combo’s the best i can. anyone else done this?


I’m too picky about my characters to switch at random. I have to have specific reasons and they have to totally fit my play style or i won’t even try. The only time I’ve ever decided to just like randomly change mains in any game is when I changed to maining T.Hawk in SFIV since all of my practice in Marvel had me washed up with everybody but him and I was already retiring myself from the game any way.

In MVC3 I tried to pick characters that were easier to use to learn the game but now that I understand the game better I basically play an entire team of characters that fit my playstyle and they’re pretty much all characters I said I was going to main before the game came out. Dante/X23/Doom. Which is basically all characters that require random memorization of shit to keep my mind busy and heavy on execution based movement and/or combos. I can’t play “still” easy characters that don’t have any cancelling techniques or I get into like an ADD thing and get bored with them. I have to be playing the piano when I play my characters or it doesn’t feel right.

I was going to main Viper also but I realized her execution was probably heavier than all of them and I knew I needed to have a zone based character on my team to protect Dante and X23 so it worked out.


yeah i just started playing fighting games a month ago. but i love marvel and think street fighter is okay.


My first real team was She-Hulk/Taskmaster/Tron. I’ve got like 2k games with it and it helped me learn the game. I’ve always wanted to play Viper, Dante, and Magneto since day 1 so I made a team with them. I learned a bit of each after like 3 days of training mode, tried them in game, and realized how much more work you need to do compared to other characters. Now I just play Mags/Wesker/Akuma and Mags/Sent/Phoenix…


I don’t understand the point of this thread.

“Have you ever decided to play with a different team for whatever reason?”

…um… yes?