Ever try to backtrack to previous vs. titles

Ever try to backtrack to previous versus titles (Marvel Super Heroes, X-men vs. Street Fighter, Marvel vs. Capcom 1, etc.) and struggle?

I tried to play MvC 1 online today and struggled. I kept trying to do MvC2 combos and they wouldn’t connect. Also, the button layout kinda screwed me up too as I’m used to MvC2 button layout. Anybody else have situations like this?..please don’t let me be the only one.:confused:

lol You are not the only one. Going into the older Vs series with the following mindset can sometimes screw you over:

“Well, I’m decent at MvC2, so it should be no problem to just jump into this title and wreck shop.”

Not always the case. Not all the same combos work and, at times, you have to actually learn new ones. The game engine has slight variances and sometimes, as you mentioned, controls change. No biggy, of course, but it’s not free. You also sometimes have to look out for different patterns of attack and strats in play which can be the most important thing to entering a new game.

yeah playing spidey in mvc2 then going back to mvsf was hard seeing as i had no air dash :sad:

I tried to play Marvel Super Heroes the other day. I was using Magneto. Tried to jump and air-dash down to do a speedy combo set up, only to find out that there was no air dash. I also tried to do a push-back block (thinking I could counter with a combo somehow, forgetting that the push-back block isn’t in MSH) while playing against iron-man only to see the words “Proton Cannon” on the screen. Crazy right?

lmao the old games have some advantages. for example: most moves u would have to hold OC + fp on mvc2, u can just press mp on the older vs games. on msh, u can dash with 2 punches even tho there are 3 punches. on mvc, with strider, u can do orbs, then while they get hit, u can do his Animal super. on xmen cota, spiral had her “switch” move where she could switch places with u no matter where u were on the screen.

Yeah, in MSH, you can do magnetos magnetic tempest super without using his hypergrab. The air combo that is.

Anyone notice something weird in MvC1? The damages you take from a super is extremely high, sometimes the game tends to “round-up” the damage: When you do a qcf+pp with Wolverine on an enemy with full health, let’s say it does 40%, but if the opponent only has like 50% life left, and you do the super, it’ll kill him. The last little bit of life is “rounded up” in the damage total, which is sort of lame, makes Super too damaging.

u kno I thought I was crazy when I thought that. I see im not the only one that noticed that