Ever wanted to work on a video game? Do you enjoy drawing/creating art?


(I figured this was the best place to post this thread. If not, please direct me otherwise).

Hello. I’m fairly new to the SRK community. I’ve only been around for a couple of years and I’ve mostly been lurking more so than posting. I’m aware there are a ton of talented individuals in this community that I’d love to work with :slight_smile:

If you answered yes to both of the questions in the title, then you are in the right thread. :slight_smile:
My team, Rapid Fire Games is seeking talented artists who would like to work a project. There is no money involved up front(Unless the game sells well. :stuck_out_tongue: Then you’ll get your cut). We working with a zero dollar budget. This game is being made for the Xbox 360 and we have already development. If successful, we will also port the game over to Windows 7 phone. I can’t discuss too much about the game since we are early in development, but it is a top down shooter similar to that of Zero Gunner 2 and Geometry Wars where you can move and fire in 8 directions. The game will bring new elements to this genre and expand on it a bit more.

Zero Gunner 2 Screenshot:


Geometry Wars:


Our current brick wall we are facing now is that we lack motivated artists. If this sounds like something you are interested in, it would be a great opportunity to add this to your resume, portfolio, etc etc and maybe even make money off of it if the game is successful on the market.

What we need

Background Artists: Are you good at drawing landscapes/environmental backgrounds? Then we really need you. We’d hate to just put our game in “Space” and have every level a space theme haha.

Sprite Artists: You don’t even need any experience with sprite art to do this. All you need is 2D drawing experience and you are qualified. I know how to make sprites pretty simply. The game’s sprites don’t have much animation to them anyways, so you won’t have to worry about making super complicated animations. This is a golden learning opportunity if you have ever wanted to learn how to create game sprites. Of course, if you have experience with actually working with sprites we want you even more.

To apply, just simply post in this thread and in your post give me example art work of things you have done. Also put any perks or anything else you are good at that I should I know about(Ex: “I’m also good at coloring really well”, “I can also do special effects”).

FAQ Section
Here are a list of questions asked within this thread that I didn’t cover in the first post. Hopefully this will give you more insight and details on the project. Feel free to ask additional questions and I’ll add it here:

What kind of sprites are you looking for? HD? SD? Retro? How large?
It would be nice to make the game play in HD and that would be the best possible outcome. However, if we can’t find a background artist that can make their backgrounds in HD then we’ll settle for normal SD sprites. The sprites for the most part won’t be very large. Probably 128x128 per sprite for the most part. For animation, most animation in this game won’t require more than probably 4 or 5 frames. We’re keeping things very simple, very small. If you want to be awesome and have things animate more fluidly, then by all means add more frames but there will be a limit since we don’t want our sprite sheets to become too large.

What kind of things will I need to sprite for you?
Jet fighters, gunships and various monsters(such as ghosts, etc etc) for the most part. It would be pretty awesome if you’re able to sprite people as well(For example, a boss fight might involve a flying person instead of the typical gunship). It would be nice if you could work with a detailed description of what we’d like you to sprite for us. If we had concept art for everything, it would probably take a very long time although we may occasionally provide you with concept art. We’re not very picky about getting the exact details as we described down, as long as it sorta looks like what we had down in the description. We hope you pride yourself in your work.

What is the time frame?
Since this is a side project, we don’t expect to have everyone on the team dedicate 100% of their time working on this. But we do expect you to dedicated some of your free time to do some work towards the project. We would like everyone to be motivated towards the goal. Making this game awesome. We’re aiming towards the end of summer to have this done by(So around August). By all means though, if we get done early then awesome. Its not very difficult project and the most amount of time will probably be taken up by the creation of art assests. So basically, when we give you stuff to do. It will be bulk most likely and we’ll talk about working with your schedule to get the work done. For example: We hand you a few descriptions of what we’d like you to sprite(or concept art), and you can tell us when you think you can have it done by. Please be reasonable with this though as we really are trying to get this done as quickly as we can while working around everyone’s schedules. In the meantime while the artists are creating art, the programmers will work with placeholder art so when your is complete, all we have to do is insert your finished work into the game.

Contact Info
Any questions? Please feel free to ask. Thanks for your time!
If you have any personal questions or would like to speak to me personally but don’t want to post in the thread, feel free to email me at clydecamp1989@gmail.com

Or if you AIM, you can contact me(Clyde) or my partner(Jordan). I work during the day, so you’ll have a better chance of getting in contact with Jordan if you’re trying to talk to us on AIM.
My aim: RuptureInRapture
Jordan’s aim: dtchllm


This is a rather small post in regards to the subject matter. It doesn’t instill me with much confidence toward the project. You should take the time to include more details as to what you need.

What kind of sprites are you looking for? HD? SD? Retro? How large?
What kind of things will I need to sprite for you?
What is the time frame?


it sounds like a cool shmup!


Thanks. I wasn’t quite sure what kind of information would be needed which is why I insisted questions to be asked. I answered all of your questions in the first post. Hopefully that answers and clears up a lot of things. We’re fully pushing forward with this project and I’m confident we’ll do a good job. My partner and I are both programmers in case you were wondering and we both have pretty good work habits. Our main problem has been trying to find artist with good work habits as well(Since well…most of the ones we talked to and tried to work with are pretty lazy and never got anything done/gave up). I’ve worked with artists for my games in the past successfully, so I know how communicate with them effectively to tell me of any problems/what we want/whatever. So thats not the problem.

Thanks! :slight_smile:


I can’t participate, but a Zero Gunner 2-type game with Geometry Wars control is a great idea.


I’m interested and have some spriting experience. I’ve got a pretty free schedule, but there are a lot of questions I have for you. The best way to contact me would be through AIM at AugustAPC. I can show you some more of my sprites when you contact me.

As of now, all I have uploaded is a quick edit. Ms. Marvel



Good luck man, I hope you succeed.


Are you offering pay?

I’m pretty busy, but I do like drawing backgrounds.


Since its our first game, we’re working with no budget so we can’t promise you pay. However if the game sells then you’ll get your share. But you should assume going in you’re not going to get anything(unless once again, the game sells).

Still interested?

We’re still looking for sprite artists btw.