Everdred, I want your money

I challenge, Twelve vs Remy at Evo. At least 20 bones, more if you’ve got it.

N - I really want a new pair of ATR Reloads.

someone better be recording this!

ps. my money’s on twelve :cool:

(be sure to send me that hot twelve vid when you get it done thongboy :D)

the culmination of this, i shall wait for-as if waiting in anticipation for the climax of an intricate soap opera… or WWE. please post news :slight_smile: GO REMY!!!

—why do i have to be halfway around the world from where EVO’s gonna be? GOD… WHY!!!:frowning:

hey dennizen ur back…
check out this NOYPI thread…
3S growing here in the phils. again.:smiley:

i’m on remy’s side btw…

i would probably take up that offer but remy versus twelve is a bunk match for remy lol… twelve runs away better than remy making it EXTREMELY hard to win with remy in that match, if i come to evo i’ll play u for the 20 if i have the cash.

all and all i give twelve vs remy match a 6/4 to 7/3 advantage for twelve… just a very annoying match. i play that match up every now and then vs my friend here ndw13 ZAR, he’s really good with twelve at his height of playing him i would only win maybe 1 match out of 8 games.

then again i wasnt planning on going to evo :frowning:

but i’ll make that my summer ny goal to work up some cash to get there, how much do u think i’ll need to get to evo from ny (i’m back at college in brooklyn now)?

How is that a bad match for Remy? CBK beats airdashing cold. High LoVs lock the ground down. And of course there’s always just the good ol’ flashkick. It’s not like Twelve is going to be doing any massive stun or damage at any point. How could this possibly be an advantage?


yay! lets turn this thread into a remy vs twelve match up thread.

i like to pace my fights, if the person i’m playing likes to play fast (majority of the time) i slow it down and zone him out. but twelve has everything to counter remy where as i have to guess in advance to stop anything he does, guessing is bad… one guess is ok but not for the whole round.

rrf is just like a srk that u can bait like a shoto but worst since i have to charge it, i’ve played excellent twelve before, high lov’s arent a problem since they fly right over it. the only problem i can really see is it is hard to zone twelve, he can jump and dive away so easily from anti airs, walks under high lov’s and can immediately air dash over low ones. but then again maybe your right and u play a twelve where i have the advantage and can molly whop.


if thats the case, then i shouldnt have anything to worry about match wise.

so why all the sudden u wanna challenge my remy? i’m just a no name low tier playing east coast player who can count the amount of tournies won on 1 hand alone (4 but i am the best in florida!). frankly i rather play your urien because no doubt that would be a fun match. twelve match is still 6/4 in twelve’s favor. its playable i agree to that, but annoying as hell.

Haha, why does everyone think I play Urien? I swear, it’s only in emergencies, like Loser’s Finals or something. I’m not a Urien player anymore! Don’t believe the hype!


if i play u i want u to play with your best

I stopped playing Urien over a year ago. Seriously, I barely remember how. It’s all Reptilian Instinct.


yay! lets turn this thread into a remy vs twelve match up thread.

if only i had a dime for every time i heard that said :lol:

if anyone wants to play my shitty remy come to ny, china town fair arcade. if u r going there sometime and wanna schedule it email is dougolus@yahoo.com and the aim handle is novice slacker.

I reccomend this whole heartedly. That was a fun day even though I got my ass waxed :stuck_out_tongue: (still rusty, even though I’m playing on the DC…but the controller…gah), Once this hits XBL, I douby I’ll be paying 4 bucks to and from chinatown fair though :stuck_out_tongue:

demulix, if you’re reading this, and I bet you are, I’m still taking you down in September ;p

twelve sucks come to ny so i can show u, thong boy. =]

Hahahahaha, where did this come from?

I might come out there in a few months, believe me you’ll be among the first to know. I’ll let you sign my sneakers after the mighty Twel(e)ve beatdown.


dont worry i have a good sparring partner who uses a mean twelve. u guys should have a twelve vs twelve match.