Everdred Teaches Remy



This thread will continue off of the first Remy Tactics Thread

I started this thread inorder to have a forum for players to ask question about playing as remy and for ppl to learn new strats and oddities while playing as Remy.

i learned the reason why remy inches forward everytime u perform an EX low LOV, the reason is that your kara canceling the standing roundhouse into the move itself… so everytime u do it u inch forward from the roundhouse pixel start up. if u dont use the roundhouse kick as a button for the EX u will not have to worry about inching forward while u do Remy’s LOV rapidd fire.

Ask any questions this could be the general Remy strats thread. anyone is welcome to add strats to this thread also.


I’ve got a question on parrying/red parrying into SAIII

Is the timing on doing the super just incredibly fast? I’ve read (from Remy Stryker) that you can “fireball motion red parry” but I thought that the joystick had to go through neutral in order to parry? If thats the case, then you would have to red parry, qcfx2 which isn’t the easiest thing in the world to do.


everyone has seen situations where a shoto will go from a low parry to a hadoken or hurricane kick by acident off from a parry since part of the motion of doing both moves starts with the down position.

remy stryker posted up before that in order to do a red parry into SA3 u’ll have to do a QCF for a parry making the last part of the motion the actual parry… once this is done all u need to do is do the other QCF and then press kick.

seeing as a shoto can accidently do a down parry off of a directional move the whole sequence of a QCF parry seems hard but i believe the window of opportunity that the forward point on the joystick for the parry falls into should be pretty liberal and loose.


just learned something new tonight might as well share it, dont think anyone stated this before either…

CBK follow up can be really risky especially since after a point blank SHORT CBK u land pretty much within throw range of the character u just hit.

i learned that remy can squeeze in a close standing short, forward or roundhouse kick right after hitting someone with a point blank SHORT CBK and HE WON’T BE THROWN OUT OF IT, all three close standing kicks done at the right time actually counters the throw attempt of the opponent.

the easiest follow up kick i think would be a tie between the close standing roundhouse and close standing short, i’ve only been able to get the forward to come out like twice. the forward follow up would probably be the most useful due to the link capability into SA2 after seeing it hit but the follow up is VERY difficult to land when an opponent is throwing the moment they r able to.

oh and a great way to practice throw countering with CBK’s is to go into the parry training option and set the dummy on throw over and over again (just mash on throw rapidly) this will make it that if u hit the computer with something as soon as they recover they will do a throw.


wow great info

I got some question about partition charging… sorry if it seems a bit repititious but that is how we are suppsoed to use remy.

because there are 6 buttons to press 3 punches and 3 kicks they all have different timing…

if we FIRST throw a SB either high or low in the slowest speed (jab or short) is the timer longer or shorter if we decided to OTHERWISE throw high/low SB in the highest speed (roundhouse/fierce) and then throw another sb using partition?

sorry if the question is really complicated…
but it’s been on my mind for quite some time

thx in advance


i dont really fully understand your question so i’ll just write a whole bunch of stuff concerning it…

the charge times for all LOV’s are the same


using the japanese method of throwing a LOV, it cuts down the charge time for the next LOV from like 1,2 frames of charge to zero…

the frame rate for each animation for each version of LOV is different tho in that remy will be stuck in an animation longer or shorter to complete throwing the LOV depending on what button u pressed.

if u charge a LOV and throw it using the jap method with the short kick version immediately after (if done correctly) u will have enough charge stored for a high LOV at any strength.

this method doesnt work correctly for the jab version of the LOV because since the total frame rate is like 7 or 8 (i think) u wont have enough time to charge another LOV while u throw the first one… u’ll have to keep charging for another 1 to 2 frames.

the way rapid fire works with remy, and multiple shoulder tackles with urien works is that inorder for the next attack to come out u must have stored enough charge WHILE your doing a move… so whenever u see remy rapid fire LOV’s the player is charging a LOV while he’s performing one… once u do the motiion of the LOV and u dont have enough stored it’ll stop. but if u charged correctly it’ll come out.

its possible to…
throw a short LOV… walk forward a bit… then throw another short… walk forward a bit… then throw another short LOV over, and over and over again because if u do a perfect charge through one short LOV than it will be stored for a little more than two seconds allowing u throw a LOV, step forward and UOH and then do an crouching short into EX low LOV… and all this time u r also free to parry if u decide not to do any of the following after the LOV.

i dont think dashes store charge forever, stored charge “goes away” after a set time limit.


great info yet again

my question is something like this

for SBs… between short and roundhouse… which allows us to throw the next high SB quicker?




here is another neat trick i was playing around with while in practice mode.

its possible to kara cancel the CBK with standing strong. it gives u a huge distance advantage.


i figured what kara throw is… (strong + throw)

but… explain the kara cancel to cbk thingy!

so you press forward… and then close to the end of the animation you… put the input for a cbk?


just do QCB then hit strong first followed closely by any kick button.


i havent wrote anything in a while, here r a few things i’ve been messing with while playing some ppl casually.

reading the frame rate data off of karathrow dot com has gotten me to start using the standing far strong more often. its a very good poke.

it’s remy’s best anti air( stand out of sweep range and spearhand them in the foot as soon as u see there feet come off the ground)

has good reach for poking standing opponents at far off distances(hugo and q cant duck it ABUSE IT)

and has a pretty nifty recovery time (so many neat air to ground parries i let kens have that result in them losing 20-30% life)

one tactic i use the standing far strong with is i’ll throw a short LOV chase it and then standing strong the opponent while they r blocking or parrying it…

the standing strong will whiff if the opponent blocks or parries the low LOV right? i use it for a baiting trap because since i am standing it will give the opponent the thought of striking low with a move after they either blocked/parried the low LOV.

u just down parry after u throw out the standing strong, do a crouching strong into super or just tag them with a CBK for good damage since they r crouching for it.


great tips evered

speaking of… parrying… this is where my game sucks… obviously remy can’t be charging back for the whole game or else he’ll be stuck in corners.

I can parry but … i just throw something weak like a short… or forward or strong something like that

hmm… any good combos after parrying a standing/ground attack when the guy is fairly close to you??


i think the best thing to do after a ground parry is just crouching fierce. u get a juggle combo and u wouldnt have wasted the parry opportunity. but in reality u wont have many after parry situations to squeeze in a crouching fierce. other things u can do after u parry r

short CBK
forward, roundhouse chain
forward, short CBK
fierce, short CBK
3 crouching jabs, roundhouse RRF

if u have bar crouching strong or short, super


on a standing ryu its possible to do a jumping fierce punch then into a cr. strong into a LOV, into another cr. strong and then finish it with a rh RRF.

i did this on a normal non stunned ryu in the corner. so it might be possible to do consecutive crouching strongs into LOV’s till your out of distance.

one combo i did on ryu also was a jumping fierce into a standing fierce into LOV into crouch strong, i didnt finish the combo tho cus the RRF is out of range. and if u did a LOV it doesnt hit in time to catch him while he is in hit stun. so best bets r just to try a EX LOV or a super right after.

something i’ve been trying to do lately is do a normal jump in combo with jumping fierce into stand strong and then in LOV, but then i wanna walk for a millimeter and hit standing forward. i never do it in time tho… i swear if its some how possible to do that…:confused:

just someone tell me its possible.


fooling around in my DC one day I noticed when remy is in crouch block position and throwing out or strong + (pushing the stick forward) will make remy do the move as mentioned above + immediately throw a high lov without needed to press strong a second time

this works with short too… but remy would do a crouching short + low lov.

some of you people may have discovered this already…I did long ago

but i’m wondering if there’s any tricks or multiples that can be used with this

a couple of times while fooling around in practice mode I canceled crouching short in EX low LOV… blah but i dunno what the hell i did. lol


jumping fierce, standing fierce, EX high LOV, crouching strong, EX low LOV does 60 points of damage to ryu standing in the corner.

in order to be in range for the crouching strong u need to cancel the standing fierce as soon as possible into the LOV.

after the EX low LOV u can combo into either super… learning to store charge and rapid fire booms makes remy able to come out with some massively damaging combos.

instead of doing the first EX high LOV u could replace it with a strong LOV i believe and still be able to link the crouching strong into the EX low LOV.

heres another trick with dash RRF’s from a thrown LOV u can do the command b to d/f and then press the punch or kick button and hold the d/f position till u can move once u can just dash once and RRF, i can do this at 90-100% of the time now.

u can dash twice and do this by doing a f, d/f motion twice then when u land just do a crouching short and then RRF. but if u r chasing a LOV dont charge down while u throw it.

lotus i forget what its called but everyone in the game can do that, i think it might be called negative edge or something cool like that where instead of pressing a buttn to finish a special move u release it as u complete a directional command part.


nice combos evered now if only they were easy to remember… and activate before i get arthuritis…what arcade stick you using again?

hmmm still trying to figure out

cr strong…+ low EX lov

sometimes high lov comes out (probably from the cr block, strong, fwd)

sometimes only a low lov comes out.

practice makes perfect! or unless there’s a trick to this.


2 D’s in the name.

after anti air jab, short chain, u can play a mix up game

u could crouching short into super
u could UOH
kara throw
u could POH

after a jab, short chain on a grounded opponent u could
standing forward
do a CBK
kara UOH
kara throw with strong
dash and throw/cr. short/jab, short chain/CBK/RRF/UOH/POH

after a neutral throw or if your further than your short CBK range u could do a kara cancelled short CBK, and literally hit the opponent for free cus they will not be blocking or expecting to parry it especially if they KNOW u r too far for the short version at that distance. the most they could expect to do to counter would probably sweep your recovery if u fall short, but since u kara cancelled it u’ll nail them in the big toe with it and be in a good position to RRF if they do anything after or dash up and throw/CBK if they start to block or react by teching your throw.

i noticed something while playing in the arcade against flash g. he picked necro, i noticed that necro’s throw speed can easily throw Remy after a hit CBK at point blank (short version) i only got i think only 1 RRF after a hit CBK, but then after he started using his ryu, i was easily able to hit him with a RRF everytime i got a point blank short CBK on him. i think the throw speeds for the normal jab + short r different for every character which would explain the difficulty in countering with the RRF on necro, and the ease of countering since ryu probably has a slower start up on his.

does anyone know if this is true? and if it is true does anyone know where i can read the frame data for each character’s throw speed?


walk/dash underneath ppl who just jump over u and do SA1 while they r in the air… WORKS PRETTY WELL IF U DASHED OUT OF THE CORNER