Everett/Edmonds/Etc AFK Tavern?

So I’m up in MtLake Terrace and the only place I know near me that seems legit enough to hang out is AFK Tavern. I haven’t been there but from what I hear they have consoles setup. The closest SSF4 (or AE machine) I can get is either at home and at Acme Bowling in Tukwila. While Tukwila isn’t a huge distance away with $4/gal. I’d like to not have to drive 35-45 minutes to play Street Fighter at a buck a pop.

This leads me to wondering if I could get people together every Thursday (or Wednesday) night to play some Street Fighter for a few hours. I’d be willing to bring the two PS3 sticks that I have and the game, I’m pretty sure they have a console there but if not I can bring my own as well.

The reason I’m so desperate for some fighting is because PSN has been down near on a week now and I don’t feel like re-subscribing to XBOXLIVE for one game. So is there anyone up far this north that has a meetup spot or something?

If not I could meet up every Thursday (one of my days off) to throw down for a while. I cannot say I’m tournament level but that doesn’t stop my quest for the fight…

edit: Let me state this would be a casuals meetup for certain, I can fight for hours picking random characters or just sit and play with an off-main/main to mess around.

I live in the Everett area (Snohomish) and was thinking we need to get some sort of casual night going for this area. I don’t like always driving down to Seattle to get games in and that seems to be where everything is always going on. I don’t really play SF4 competitively but id be down to play casually and what not. Im really more into MvC3 and MK9 so it would be cool if we could get enough player supporting all 3 games (and possibly more) together.

If you are serious about getting better competitively, you will learn more in 1 night at acme than u will learn from a year of play casuals at afk tavern.

Another thing we could consider doing is carpooling down to ACME and what not for all the people around the Everett area. Still, it would be pretty cool to get some sort of casual gatherings going.

True but as much as I want to learn, I only have so many dollars a week, and I drive for part of my job so adding even more miles to the day to play was what I was trying to avoid :frowning:

I live in mountlake terrace as well, if you ever want to drive down to acme for mnf i gots gas moneyyy

Also gameworks is closer if thats your thing…

And how is afk cheaper? their menu items are 10-15 bucks, if u get a drink thats 20 bucks.

Some of us travel for several hours to play with the best players in the area in order to get better. If you’re not willing to tack on a few miles for good practice you’ve probably come to wrong place to learn. Try carpooling or bussing it. It’ll be worth it if you’re really trying to get better.

I can live off beer, and if we are adding food/drink into the mix if I drive down to ACME that gas money + food! I meant it’s cheaper just for proximity and all the things that it consists of.

I’m not opposed to being at ACME, I stopped by for two quick games (then work called!). And I want to get better but I’m not really looking to get tournament serious or anything - plus casuals are fun are they not? :smiley:

If I could get reliable Mondays off I’d be there but I don’t get off work until around 10pm on Mondays, plus drive time and ACME is closed already. That’s why I was wondering if anyone knew of anything in Snohomish area, I’d be happy to meet up somewhere somewhat close on another day - this is a major metropolitan area there is bound to be people in Snohomish county and around that would like to fight closer to home.

im all in favor of meeting at the AFK tavern for some casuals if we can get enough people to commit

meet up and play wherever, practice and whatnot, but make room for carpools down to ACME on a monday night, or maybe gameworks on a thursday…

…but mostly practice practice practice and try to make it out to some events. Best Western in Seattle, the Gameclucks monthly tournament up in Lynnwood, and the Tofu Dojo in Shoreline all have threads on here to check out.

Gameworks is a lot closer to mountlake terrace than tukwila. Jussayin’.

I’ll unfortunately be living back in everett after the thirtieth.

Mount Lake Terrace and Everett in the house? I’m in Lynnwood and would also like to play ssf4 for free every once in a while. Hit me up (pm), if you’re willing to bring a PS3 stick I can host casuals at my place sometime this week. I do love the arcade, and recommend everyone go there. The arcade is awesome to learn match ups and meet people which makes it a place to level up once you feel stuck.

Anyone in the everett area rock MK9 or MvC3? Seems like most people are down with SF4. Might actually have to try and learn that game haha.

I’m in Mukilteo and down for any MVC3 casuals around the area. I picked up MK9 but haven’t spent too much time with it, though.

Well the easiest day for me would be Thursday over at AFK Tavern - I could show up tomorrow if I could even get one other person to show up. I could bring my copy of MVC3 but I’ve only played it like 5 or 6 times, not something I’m even competent at :frowning:

I’m this guy: YouTube - DrGamez’s Channel
So don’t worry about me being very good!

AFK is pretty legit for a local place to go and play games. Last time I went there I just got drunk and played marvel 3 with some pretty decent players who apparently go 3-4 times a week. Menu items at AFK are NOT that expensive and the drinks are damned cheap. $3-5 beer and the mixed drinks are strong. All the consoles are free to play on, and the owner is really friendly and accommodating. She’s actually hoping to get the fighting game people back as far as I can tell. If you’re trying to get a regular play group going in the area, I’d suggest at least giving it a try.

Other than that, you can’t beat house sessions. Arcade is good for leveling up fast if you have the right mindset, but you have to have your learning cap on and ask plenty of (the right) questions or you’ll just be wasting money.

Yeah I don’t mind the Arcade scene, I think having to “wager” some money each play makes you play more on top of your game, definitely good if you’re looking to train.

And AFK Tavern looks legit - never heard/seen a bar with this kind of scene/appeal so I’d like to support things like this.

Yeah, the “one dollar wager” each match is one way to make you play smarter, but I learn the most in the first ten minutes in training mode (beginner mode with SFIV was really helpful) I spend with a new character/game. After I know how the character works, I can apply my thoughts in-game at the arcade or whatever.

Depends on whether bellingham people want to do thursday or sunday this week for ranbats, but I may be able to come down and play marvel/super with you tomorrow night. Don’t play very often, so it could be a good night to train.

FYI, you’d need to bring sticks. I only have one for 360.

I have 2 PS3 sticks. HRAP3 SA and a HRAP3, one is better than the other but both are decent enough sticks! I got a buddy of mine that can come with - he’s pretty decent at Marvel and will play Super!