Everett, WA - AFK Tavern - Upcoming Events


Hey everyone, I’m looking at putting together a tournament on December 4th up in Everett. Still working with cole and some of the guys to work out the details.

Here’s a bit about the AFK Tavern: AFK Tavern
Full Bar and Kitchen, Very large area for over 18 or under with parental supervision.
10 Xbox setups, 2 PS3 setups on big flat screen tvs.
Willing to host events at NO COST.

Hoping to get a SSF4 and T6 tourney going.

Please post here and let me know if your interested.


I heard this venue was a great place to hang out and have some drinks.
Only concern for the fighting game community is the amount of lag on the HDTV’s.
Anyone wanna go down and test it out sometime? Or has anyone been there and can give us an idea on what they’re like?


Oh damn, I live like right down the street from this place. Regular events that close would be awesome. I’ll be checking this place out later tonight if anybody would care to join Georgia and I.


What! Hmmm I might actually attend this one.


I think the 2 big screens might be a bit laggy. I had to calibrate them for Rock Band when I was playing on them. They have at least one copy of sf4 on the ps3s if you want to test the tvs.
The 10 flat screen monitors on the xboxs might be okay. Next time I’m there I will test it out.
Even if the setups are laggy they have plenty of room to bring our own setups and they are more than happy to help setup power cords, move tables, etc.

If I can get 10 people to sign up this will be a definite go.

Suggestions for the tourney buy in? 5? 10?

Standard splits with no cut to the organizer or the house.

Will probably start sign ups at 3pm and get things rolling by 4 maybe 5 at the latest.

Cole, bowflex, and kkf are down, who else?


Free eh?i would definitely go to this, and i would probably bring my bf too.


I may be there tonight, I’ll be the guy with the custom Tekken TE stick. :slight_smile:

Gonna try and see how laggy the displays are.

On another note just picked up a 32" LG 32LD350 tv, read on the forums it has little to no lag. I’ll have at least one setup running on that.


So we are here now.

Upsides: A lot of video games, dnd, and wacky nerd-themed cocktails.

Downsides: We are pushing 20 minutes without any service.


Ill get down there sometime soon to test lag.

q. do they have a internet connection?

q. would they let us store a few crt’s tv’s?

q. whats their drink specials?

q. whats their setting like? possibility that we can get very loud and profane. they need to be aware of that.


q. do they have a internet connection?
YES, wired and wireless.

q. would they let us store a few crt’s tv’s?
For how long? I’ll have to ask on this one.

q. whats their drink specials?

q. whats their setting like? possibility that we can get very loud and profane. they need to be aware of that.
It’s a bar, it gets plenty loud in there already.


I’m actually going to head up to this place on Friday if anyone wants to get some casuals in.


LOL the name of the bar is hilarious. Shout outs for reaching out to the FG community.


I’m game. If I’m in a really good mood I might go there to watch The Walking Dead tonight.


Sunny, I’ll see about joining you. Anyone else trying to go out this upcoming Friday? Get some Pre-GC Tourney Practice in for the Northend.


Sounds like a cool idea. I miss a bar + sf :frowning:


What about those under 21? Is there a cutoff time? Is there a seperate area?

I will sign up and bring some of those around me (pretty sure Riki/Dugg would be down)


Cole is on board (this may be an Team Afrodojo event), I should have final details up in a day or two, consider this event as a definite.

I know its the same day as that intel deal, but everett is way closer than dupont, Theres no event fee, a cheaper buyin (with a potential better payout), and a full bar and kitchen.

Doing both SSF4, and Tekken 6.


This is the best part, its like Bloody Knuckles & BW, there is a separate bar area; so the majority of the space is 18+, and under 18 with adult supervision. and no waiting till 10 bullshit.


I will be there every day I can

$5 entry probably is better for most of the cheapos in the NW even though I’d personally prefer $10.

one more very important question

Food? Is it there and is it delicious and/or fried?


Hmmm, this sounds pretty dope. Barcades are where it’s at.