Every character's dash distance, jump distance, super jump distance, and wall jump distance + more


Interrupted Transition refers to when you interrupt the transitional animation for a character returning to neutral. Most animations have extra frames of animation to smooth out the graphics for when the character is returning to their idle stance. You can interrupt these frames by inputting anything (a direction, an attack, blocking, whatever.) It’s part of what caused the Prox block OS to work (you had to have transitional frames on the normal for it to work)

If you leave the stick in neutral after inputting a dash that is the full animation with transition, that is how the distances were originally measured so I made that the base line when doing this using the SF4BV tool for more accurate information. Interrupted transition is where you cancel the transition animation into another command such as walking forward/backward/blocking after the dash.

Reversal Canceled refers to the fact some dashes will have different recovery times if you input a reversal move after the dash. For example Yun’s backdash is 27 [-4] meaning if you input a special / super / ultra or focus attack during the back dash it will occur on 23F instead of 27F. You can read more about it here: http://wiki.shoryuken.com/Super_Street_Fighter_IV_AE/Universal_Abilities#Frame_Data

Information key:
Numbers are in the same unit of measurement as walk speeds. All stages are example 15.0 units large (each half of the stage is 7.5). Characters start 3.0 units apart at round start, and max screen size is 5.0.

Here is a handy scale to help you understand the distances (Note: Image is 1080p quality .png file. Open at own risk):



This scale only explains distances on the ground. Sadly, the background isn’t particularly useful in SF4 for telling you the scale for jump heights as the characters are too far away from the back drop and the graphic on backdrop wasn’t adjusted in size for perspective.

This information will be posted to the wiki at some point with the admins have time to get around to it. Until then I thought it was worth sharing for those curious.

Note: Numbers were truncated on the thousands place. This means no rounding. 1.414 would be 1.41 just as 1.416 would be 1.41. I only rounded when the thousands place number and ten thousandths place number were both 9s So like 1.4199 would be 1.42) otherwise I just dropped the thousandths place number entirely. This is just makes it easier to read, the difference in distances is so minimal at that point you couldn’t notice it. (1small training block = 0.1 that means that the number dropped would be at the largest 9/100th of the smallest training block)

Special Thanks to:
@lullius (SF4BV Tool)
@Anotak @Razor5070 @Error1 @Dantarion‌ @Waterine + more for OnoTool
@jchensor @shodan @m16ghost (SRK Wiki)

Those tools allowed me to do this.

Forward Dash: 1.42 (Interrupted Transition: 1.41)
Back Dash: 0.75 (Interrupted Transition: 0.78)
Jump Height Apex: 1.76
Forward Jump: 2.1
Back Jump: 1.92
LK Roll: 1.74 
MK Roll: 2.05
HK Roll: 2.88
EX Roll: 2.88
Forward Dash: 1.50
Back Dash: 0.75
Jump Height Apex: 1.84
Forward Jump: 1.65
Back Jump: 1.65
Forward Dash: 1.0 (Interrupted Transition: 1.03)
Back Dash: 0.90 (Interrupted Transition: 0.93)
Jump Height Apex: 1.76
Forward Jump: 1.92
Back Jump: 1.92
PPP Forward Teleport: 3.96
PPP Backward Teleport: 3.96
KKK Forward Teleport: 3.00
KKK Backward Teleport: 3.00
Forward Dash: 1.30
Back Dash: 1.20
Jump Height Apex: 1.44
Forward Jump: 1.57
Back Jump: 1.22
NJ HP Max Forward and Backward Movement: 0.30
Forward Dash: 1.522 (Interrupted Transition: 1.602)
Back Dash: 1.20
Jump Height Apex: 2.04
Forward Jump: 1.65
Back Jump: 1.48
Hop Forward: 1.90 (Interrupted Transition: 2.00)
Hop Backward: 1.19 
Forward Dash: 1.43 (Interrupted Transition: 1.39)
Back Dash: 1.40 (Interrupted Transition: 1.29) (Reversal Canceled on 21F: 1.24
Jump Height Apex: 1.76
Forward Jump: 1.92
Back Jump: 1.92
Chun Li:
Forward Dash: 1.08 (Interrupted Transition: 1.07)
Back Dash: 1.30 (Interrupted Transition: 1.32)
Jump Height Apex: 2.11
Forward Jump: 2.0
Back Jump: 1.8
Wall Jump (Lowest height: 1.095) Distance: 2.46
Wall Jump (Max height: 2.11) Distance: 2.70
Forward Dash: 1.10
Back Dash: 0.854 (Interrupted Transition: 0.903) (Reversal Canceled on 23F: 0.953)
Jump Height Apex: 1.76
Forward Jump: 1.92
Back Jump: 1.92
C. Viper
Forward Dash: 1.30 (Interrupted Transition: 1.4)
Back Dash: 1.25
Jump Height Apex: 1.768
Super Jump Height Apex (Neutral Jump): 2.53
Super Jump Height Apex (Forward and Backward): 2.10
Forward Jump: 1.75
Super Jump Forward: 3.69
Back Jump: 1.57
Super Jump Back: 3.28
Forward Dash: 1.42 (Interrupted Transition: 1.44)
Back Dash: 1.40
Jump Height Apex: 1.76
Forward Jump: 1.92
Back Jump: 1.92
Jump Taunt Apex (Earliest frame): 2.95
Forward Jump Taunt (Earliest Frame): 3.24
Back Jump Taunt (Earliest Frame): 3.24
Forward Dash: 1.15
Back Dash: 0.90 (Interrupted Transition: 0.92)
Jump Height Apex: 1.53
Forward Jump: 1.98
Back Jump: 1.62
Forward Jump with earliest possible Knee Shot: 1.375
Back Jump with earliest possible Knee Shot: 1.125
Forward Dash: 1.80 (Interrupted Transition: 1.73)
Back Dash: 1.43 (Interrupted Transition: 1.47)
Jump Height Apex: 2.21
Forward Jump: 2.2
Back Jump: 2.2
Forward Dash: 1.35
Back Dash: 1.14
Jump Height Apex: 1.44
Forward Jump: 1.57
Back Jump: 1.22
LK Ducking: 1.28 (Interrupted Transition: 1.26)
MK Ducking: 1.55 (Interrupted Transition: 1.53)
HK Ducking: 1.91 (Interrupted Transition: 1.89)
EX Ducking: 1.78 (Interrupted Transition: 1.70)
E. Honda
Forward Dash: 0.83
Back Dash: 0.90
Jump Height Apex: 1.63
Forward Jump: 1.98
Back Jump: 1.98
Max Forward Movement NJ HP: 1.48
Max Backward Movement NJ HP: 1.11
El Fuerte:
Forward Dash: 1.10 (Interrupted Transition: 1.06)
Back Dash: 0.76 (Interrupted Transition: 0.75)
Jump Height Apex: 2.12
Forward Jump: 2.09
Back Jump: 2.47
Wall Jump (Lowest Height: 1.14): 4.16
Wall Jump (Highest Height: 2.12): 4.68
Habenero Dash - Back Step: 1.31
Habenero Dash - Picodillo Jump: 2.88
Habenero Dash Run Speed: 0.13
EX Habenero Dash Run Speed: 0.14

Forward Dash: 1.583 (Interrupted Transition: 1.451
Back Dash: 1.345 (Interrupted transition: 1.466)
Forward Jump: 2.05
Back Jump: 1.845
Evil Ryu:
Forward Dash: 1.32 (Interrupted Transition: 1.36)
Back Dash: 1.20
Jump Height Apex: 1.76
Forward Jump: 1.92
Back Jump: 1.92
PPP Forward Teleport: 2.97
PPP Backward Teleport: 2.97
KKK Forward Teleport: 2.25
KKK Backward Teleport: 2.25
Forward Dash: 1.15
Back Dash: 1.25 (Interrupted Transition: 1.24)
Jump Height Apex: 1.76
Forward Jump: 1.92
Back Jump: 1.92
Forward Dash: 1.51
Back Dash: 1.38
Jump Height Apex: 2.00
Forward Jump: 2.21
Back Jump: 2.04
Forward Dash: 1.51
Back Dash: 1.38
Jump Height Apex: 1.76
Forward Jump: 2.80
Back Jump: 2.63
Forward Dash: 1.1
Back Dash: 0.80 (Interrupted Transition: 0.79)
Jump Height Apex: 1.76
Forward Jump: 1.92
Back Jump: 1.92
Forward Dash: 1.32
Back Dash: 0.98
Jump Height Apex: 1.97
Forward Jump: 1.75
Back Jump: 1.57
Forward Dash: 1.20
Back Dash: 1.20
Jump Height Apex: 2.01
Forward Jump Distance: 2.73
Back Jump Distance: 2.53
Wall Jump (Lowest: 1.065): 3.7
Wall Jump (Highest: 2.00): 4.1
Bushin Run Speed: 0.15
Forward Dash: 1.05
Forward Dash (Oiled): 1.31 (Interrupted Transition: 1.24)
Back Dash: 0.65
Back Dash (Oiled): 1.49 (Interrupted Transition: 1.39)
Jump Height Apex: 1.19
Forward Jump: 1.62
Back Jump: 1.62

Forward Dash: 1.16 (Interrupted Transition: 1.168)
Back Dash: 1.039 (Interrupted Transition::0.995)
Forward Jump: 1.36
Back Jump: 1.53
Forward Dash: 1.70
Back Dash: 1.57
Jump Height Apex: 2.12
Super Jump Height Apex: 2.31
Forward Jump: 2.28
Super Jump Forward: 2.87
Back Jump: 2.28
Super Jump Back: 2.87
LK Command Dash: 1.32
MK Command Dash: 1.80
HK Command Dash: 2.23
Forward Dash: 1.41 (Reversal Canceled on 17F: 1.44)
Forward Dash FSE Mode: 2.25
Back Dash: 1.20
Jump Height Apex: 2.24
Forward Jump: 1.70
Back Jump: 2.04
Forward Dash: 1.10
Back Dash: 0.75 (Interrupted Transition: 0.76)
Jump Height Apex: 1.76
Forward Jump: 1.92
Back Jump: 1.92
M. Bison
Forward Dash: 1.20 (Interrupted Transition: 1.59)
Back Dash: 1.0
Jump Height Apex: 2.01
Forward Jump: 2.34
Back Jump: 2.14
Forward Dash: 1.78
Back Dash: 1.32
Jump Height Apex: 1.76
Forward Jump: 1.92
Back Jump: 1.75

Forward Dash: 1.10 (Interrupted Transition: 1.27)
Back Dash: 0.90
Jump Height Apex: 1.73
Forward Jump: 1.98
Back Jump: 1.80

Forward Dash: 1.146 (Interrupted Transition: 1.01)
Back Dash: 1.262 (Interrupted Transition: 1.212)
Forward Jump: 2.09
Back Jump: 2.09
Back Flip: 1.475

Forward Dash: 1.592 (Interrupted Transition: 1.33)
Back Dash: 0.823
Forward Jump: 1.925
Back Jump: 1.925
Back Flip: 0.84
Forward Dash: 1.651
Back Dash: 1.23
Jump Height Apex: 2.12
Forward Jump: 2.09
Back Jump: 1.71
Forward Dash: 1.14
Back Dash: 0.94
Jump Height Apex: 1.81
Forward Jump: 2.28
Back Jump: 2.28
Forward Dash: 1.10
Back Dash: 0.75 (Interrupted Transition: 0.76)
Jump Height Apex: 1.76
Forward Jump: 1.92
Back Jump: 1.92
Forward Dash:  1.10 (Interrupted Transition: 1.12)
Back Dash: 0.98
Jump Height Apex: 1.76
Forward Jump: 1.92
Back Jump: 1.75
Forward Dash: 1.05
Back Dash: 0.95
Jump Height Apex: 1.76
Forward Jump: 1.92
Back Jump: 1.92
Forward Dash: 1.35 (Interrupted Transition: 1.27)
Back Dash: 1.30 (Interrupted Transition: 1.34)
Jump Height Apex: 2.21
Forward Jump: 2.27
Back Jump: 2.10
Wall Jump (lowest: 1.1): 4.35
Wall Jump (Highest: 2.21): 5.51
NJ MK Max Forward Movement: 0.45
NJ MK Max Backward Movement: 0.54
T. Hawk
Forward Dash: 0.95 (Interrupted Transition: 1.10) (Reversal Canceled on 29F: 0.81)
Back Dash: 0.80 (Interrupted Transition: 0.83)
Jump Height Apex: 1.90
Forward Jump: 1.75 (If Forward is input before Up : 1.76)
Back Jump: 1.56 (If Back is input before Up: 1.81)
Forward Dash: 1.25 (Interrupted Transition: 1.34)
Back Dash: 1.20 (Interrupted Transition: 1.22)
Jump Height Apex: 2.0
Forward Jump: 1.70
Back Jump: 1.53
Wall Jump (Lowest Height: 1.01): 2.86
Wall Jump (Max Height: 2.0): 3.18
PPP Back Flip: 2.24
KKK Back Flip: 1.11     

Forward Dash: 1.45 (Interrupted Transition: 1.46)
Back Dash: 1.45
Jump Height Apex (Neutral Jump): 1.70
Jump Height Apex (Forward/Back Jump): 1.76
Forward Jump: 2.34
Back Jump: 2.45
LK Teleport: 1.67
MK Teleport: 2.32
HK Teleport: 3.58
EX Teleport: 2.96
Forward Dash: 1.53 (Interrupted Transition: 1.50)
Back Dash: 1.43 (Reversal Canceled on 23F: 1.30)
Jump Height Apex: 1.7
Forward Jump: 1.98
Back Jump: 2.14
Forward Dash: 0.88 (Interrupted Transition: 0.90
Back Dash: 0.80
Jump Height Apex: 1.62
Forward Jump: 1.28 (If Forward is input before Up: distance is 1.53)
Back Jump: 1.14 (If Back is input before Up: 1.18)

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Amazing work!


Added a “special thanks” just because I’m that sort of person. If you find any errors, blame those guys for their faulty tools! ;D


you should graph this stuff


its hard for me to imagine the correlation from gouken thru dan and ryu…sakura settles it once and for all gouken is a shoto as he shares the same jump data as the entire shoto line up…

what sets them apart is the data in relation to the parabola at the top of their jump arcs… this is vital in determining whose most potent and deadly after hard knock down…if you graph that you will get a nobel prize…the conical / parabolic or graphical translation thereof of the jump arc profile …axis of symmetry …locus of points etc…shotos have similarly balanced knockdown and mixup potential after said event but amongst themselves some are more powerful than others… I believe the strongest to be gouken !!!


hopefully you can provide us with that data or graphics someday!!! for the rest of the cast of course would cool too
I guess. :slight_smile:


So Gouken is a shoto since he has the same jump data, does that mean Cody, Cammy, and Fei Long are more shoto than Oni? :stuck_out_tongue:

Anyways I can tell you that in regards to those characters (Dan, Ryu, Ken, Sakura, Gouken, Evil Ryu, Fei Long, Cody, and Cammy) the only difference between them during an empty jump is the size of their hurtboxes. They rise and fall at the exact same speeds and reach their apex on the same frame as well as have the exact same jump arc.

In regards to graphing all this shit. That sounds like a lot of work that not many people could utilize in any form lol. Especially since I’d have to learn some program that lets me make graphs or just map it by hand in photoshop.


Would be cool if you added how many frames each characters jumps were as well.
Great work anyway.


That data is already available on the wiki so I didn’t feel the need to:

http://wiki.shoryuken.com/Super_Street_Fighter_IV_AE/Universal_Abilities#Frame_Data (column on the right shows frame data. First number is the Prejump frames, 2nd number is the jump frames themselves. So 4+36 is 4 prejump and 36 jump frames.


2.25 dash during FSE…wow…dash is godlike…


Updated with:

Dan jump taunt data
Abel Roll data
Dudley ducking data
Akuma Teleport data
Evil Ryu teleport data
Vega back flip data.

I wont be doing Dhalsim/Bison/Seth teleports because those have varied distance based on character positions rather than set distances. I wont be doing demon flips because I’m trying to strictly keep it to mobility tools that are only mobility tools (was tempted to leave Dudley’s ducking and Dan’s jump taunt out tbh). I think I’ve finally gotten all the data I want listed.


How many characters gain distance over their regular forward dashes by doing a focus dash?


A fair bit, some lose distance. The issue is also though that it varies based on the frame you cancel the focus attack. For instance Akuma cancels focus really early he has basically the same dash, but if he waits even like 6F after starting the focus he’ll lose distance.

Also there is karaing into focus to account for. Ken doesn’t gain any distance on focus - dash but if you do F+MK - Focus - Dash his dash is increased by the amount of the kara (his dash goes from 1.1 to 1.51)


What about Juri’s?


As I was trying to make clear, it’s not an exact value unless I cancel on the same frame every time for some characters. I suppose I could do everyone canceled on the very earliest frame but that would be a fair bit of work and people would likely misunderstand it since most players don’t consistently do it on the very earliest frame. The only character’s I think it’s of particular importance is probably Cody and Ken because they get enough of a distance boost that players actually practice canceling on the earliest frame possible. (Fun fact I actually DID test Cody’s but that was because I was personally curious since he is my main. Even if were to do sHK kara canceled into focus and then canceled the focus attack on the earliest frame so that you get the most possible distance Cody STILL doesn’t match the distance Ken gets from a F+MK kara focus dash.)

I’ll consider doing it though


You don’t have too. I was just curious. Plus doesn’t every character cancel a focus on the same frame anyway?


Great Job

Do you know, after studying this, why after a focus the dash or backdash is shorter by 1 frame.
There is an explanation in term of distance ?

Since i play chun li, i’m surprise to notice she doesn’t have the best backdash in fact in term of distance.
Usually her backdash is take in example because you cannot option select her often.


The ones that go farther are slower I think other than Cammy and Rose(going by memory) and Cammy has less invincibility frames, her focus also reels back a bit so I assume she gets additional distance out of a focus backdash.


The reason Chun’s backdash is so amazing is because of the speed (22F), as well as how quickly she moves her hurtbox out of the way during the BD, that is why you can’t OS it so easily. It’s also got very few grounded recovery frames (4F) meaning she is much more likely to be air reset if she is hit. Also in terms of distance if you look at her distance, every character that goes farther than her is much slower to recover than she is (for the most part). Makoto is 27F for instance with 13F grounded recovery.

As for the focus dash, I assume you are referring to a focus ATTACK dash? Not just a focus charge dash? Because I’ve never heard of that in regards to focus charging dash canceling but if you release the focus and the opponent blocks it then you actually get to move sooner than the opponent. It’s not hitstun or blockstun but hitSTOP aka impact freeze which is different ( http://sonichurricane.com/?p=1043 ). In most previous SF games (AFAIK) it was standard that impact freeze usually affected the opponent and attacker equally in every instance but in SF4 there are actually more than a few instances of impact freeze allowing the attacker to move before the defender, effectively working like additional hitstun in some respects. ( @Doopliss‌ correct me if I’m wrong in this one. I’m not quite as knowledgeable about that aspect of previous sf games)


focus dashes are 1f quicker than normal dashes, but you’re locked into the focus for 4f is what I think he’s talking about.


I think it’s 3F locked dash starts on 4F and the issue comes from a misleading transitional animation. Perhaps @shodan could correct me on this.

It certainly makes more sense to have it be that way than have 1F faster dashes which don’t actually show up in any of the characters files so the move would have to be subtracting 1F via some in .exe engine mechanic.