Every Day is SMP Day: The Naoto Thread


This thread is intended for discussion of gameplay and strategies for everyone’s favorite reverse-trap, Naoto Shirogane.

Why Pick Naoto?
[]Highly mobile
]Good zoning with traps and shots
[]#1 damage in the game with meter or One More Burst (can even kill Kanji in one touch with the right starter)
]Fate system gives her situational comboable instant kills (separate from the extreme damage she gets from her SMP loops)
[]Low damage without meter or burst
]Relatively high execution barrier, especially for her stronger midscreen combos
[]Low health (8000, second-worst only to Elizabeth)
]Terrible options under pressure without meter.
Fate Data:
Fate is Naoto’s special system. The enemy starts with 13 fate, which is lost to certain attacks. When returning to neutral after being reduced to 0 fate, the Fate Counter icon will turn red. Connecting with :qcf::qcf:+:snkc: or :qcf::qcf::snkd: while the enemy is in red skull state is instantly fatal. At the beginning of a new round, the enemy gets half of their lost fate (rounded up) back unless they died to :qcf::qcf:+:snkc: or :qcf::qcf:+:snkd:, in which case they regain the full 13 fate. With the exception of :qcf::qcf:+:snkb:, only the first Fate-removing attack in a combo will remove Fate.

INDENT=1~:snka:/:snkb:/:snkc: (5th shot): -1[/INDENT]
[INDENT=1]:qcb::qcb::snka:/:snkb:~:snkb:: -1 per shot (Mostly just a waste of meter)[/INDENT]
[INDENT=1]:d:+:snkc:: -2[/INDENT]
[INDENT=1]:snkc:+:snkd:~:snkc:: -2[/INDENT]
[INDENT=1]:snkb:+:snkd:~:f:+:atk:: -2[/INDENT]
[INDENT=1]:snkb:+:snkd:~:atk:: -3[/INDENT]
[INDENT=1]:qcb:+:snkc:/:snkd:: -3[/INDENT]
[INDENT=1]:qcf::qcf:+:snkb:: -6[/INDENT]




Combo Notes:
[]:uf::f: means IAD, or instant air dash.
]Unless otherwise noted, :f::f::atk: means microdash :atk:; cancel your dash into :atk: such that Naoto slides forwards slightly during the attack’s startup frames.
[]:d:+[:snkc:] means “hold :d:+:snkc:”. This is the three hit version of the attack.
][sequence of commands]xN means “repeat sequence of commands N times”
[]When doing the [:qcf:+:snkb:~:snkd:]xN part of SMP loops, you can hold :snkd: and just focus on linking the :qcf:+:snkb:s together.
Midscreen Combos:
(WIP, mostly simple stuff thus far. Currently updating to use icons instead of ‘numpad’ notation to make the thread more accessible.)
5AA starter:
]:snka::snka::snkc: :qcf:+:snkb:~:snkc:x5 (2107 damage, -1 fate)
[]:snka::snka::snkb::snkc::d:+:snkc: (1011 damage, -2 fate)
2A starter:
]:d:+:snka: :d:+:snkb: :snkb: :snkc: :d::snka:+:snkb: :qcb:+:snkc:/:snkd: (936 damage, trap setup)
5B starter:
[]:snkb: :snkc: :qcf:+:snkb:~:snkd: :f:[:f:] :snkc: :qcf:+:snka:~:snkd: (setup :qcb:+:snkc:/:snkd:oki)
]Easy version of the combo below, try and learn that one instead.
[]:snkb::snkc: :qcf::snkb:~:snkd: :f:[:f:]:snkc: :uf::f: j.:snkb: j.:snkc: :snkc: :qcf::snka:~:snkd: (setup :qcb:+:snkc:/:snkd: for oki)
2B starter:
]Antiair :d:+:snkb: :snkc: :uf::f: j.:snkb: j.:snkc: :f::f::snkc: :qcf:+:snkb:~:snkd: :f:[:f:] (delay) :snkc: :uf::f: j.:snkb: j.:snkc: :f::f::snkc: :qcf:+:snka:~:snkd: (setup :qcb:+:snkc:/:snkd: for oki)
5C starter:
[]:snkc: :qcf:+:snkb:~:snkD: :f:[:f:] :snkc: :qcf:+:snka:~:snkd: (setup :qcb:+:snkc:/:snkd:)
]Easy, try and learn the one below instead.
[]:snkc: :qcf:+:snkb:~:snkD: :f:[:f:] :snkc: :uf::f: j.:snkb: j.:snkc: :snkc: :qcf:+:snka:~:snkd: (setup :qcb:+:snkc:/:snkd: oki)
]:snkc: (counter, opponent crouching only) :uf::f: j.:snkc: :snka: :snkc: :qcf::snkb:~:snkd: :f:[:f:]:snkc: :uf::f: j.:snkb: j.:snkc: :snkc: :qcf::snka:~:snkd: (setup :qcb:+:snkc:/:snkd: for oki)
[]:snkc: (counter, opponent crouching only) :uf::f: j.:snkc: :snka: :snkc: :uf::f: j.:snka:+:snkc: j.:snkc::snka::snkc: :qcf:+:snkb: (end with ~:snkd: or ~:snkc:x5 for oki and damage respectively.)
]:snkc: (counter, opponent standing only) :uf::f: j.:snkc: :snkb: :snkc: :qcf::snkb:~:snkd: :f:[:f:]:snkc: :uf::f: j.:snkb: j.:snkc: :snkc: :qcf::snka:~:snkd: (setup :qcb:+:snkc:/:snkd: for oki)
[]:snkc: (counter, opponent standing only) :uf::f: j.:snkc: :snkb: :snkc: :uf::f: j.:snka:+:snkc: j.:snkc::snkb::snkc: :qcf:+:snkb: (end with ~:snkd: or ~:snkc:x5 for oki and damage respectively.)
Throw starter:
]:snkc:+:snkd:~:snkc: :qcf::qcf:+:snkb:
Special starter:
*~:snka:x5 :qcf::qcf:+:snka:
*~:snka:x5 [:qcb::qcb: ~ :snka:x3 ~ :snkc:/:snkd:]x2
[]:qcb:+:snkd: (hit) :snkc: :uf::f: j.:snkb: j.:snkc: :f::f::snkc: :qcf:+:snkb:~:snkd: :f:[:f:] (delay) :snkc: :uf::f: j.:snkb: j.:snkc: :f::f::snkc: :qcf:+:snka:~:snkd: (setup :qcb:+:snkc:/:snkd: for oki)
The SMP Loop:
The SMP loop is where Naoto gets her extreme damage. Most variants require the enemy to be near the corner.
]:snka::snka::snkb::d:+:snkc::qcf::qcf:+:snkd: :uf::f:(empty IAD) :qcb:+:snkd::d::snka:+:snkb: :qcf:+:snka:~:snkd:(trap hits, delay):d:+[:snkc:] :snkc: [:qcf:+:snkb:~:snkd:]x11 :qcf:+:snka:~:snkd:
[]:snkb::snkc::d:+:snkc: :qcf::qcf::snkd: (delay) :uf::f: (empty IAD) :qcb:+:snkd: :snka::snka: :qcf:+:snka:~:snkd: (trap hits) :d:+[:snkc:] (delay) :d:+:snkb: [:qcf:+:snkb:~:snkd:] x N :qcf:+:snka:~:snkd:
]:d::snka:+:snkb: :qcf::snka:~:snkb:x5 :qcf::qcf:+:snkd: :qcb:+:snkc: :qcf::snka:~:snkd: (C trap hits) :qcb:+:snkd:, :qcf:+:snka:~:snkd: (D trap hits) :d:+[:snkc:] :snkb::snkc: [:qcf:+:snkb:~:snkd:]x5 :qcf:+:snka:~:snkd:
[]:qcb:+:snkd:(hit) :d:+:snka: :snka:x4~:snkc:x5 :qcf::qcf:+:snkd: :d:+[:snkc:] :snkc: [:qcf:+:snkb:~:snkd:] x N
]:snkc:+:snkd:~:snkc: :qcf::qcf:+:snkd: :uf::f: :qcb:+:snkc: :qcb:+:snkd: :qcf:+:snka:~:snkb:(1)~:snkd: :d:+[:snkc:] :d:+:snkb: :snkc: [:qcf:+:snkb:~:snkd:] x11 :qcf:+:snka:~:snkd:
[]This combo does not work on Teddie.
]:qcb::qcb:+:snka:/:snkb:~:snkc:/:snkd: (FC) OMB :d:+[:snkc:] :qcf::qcf:+:snkd: :qcb:+:snkd: :qcf:+:snka:~:snkd: :d:+[:snkc:] :snkc: [:qcf:+:snkb:~:snkd:]xN
[*]Compiled list of SMP loops by starter here on Dustloop

Notable Videos:



Denpa (Naoto) v. Yu-Sama (Narukami) - Denpa took 3rd place in SBO, but the Narukami matchup still sucks for Naoto. Watching this set should give you some idea of her options, at least.

Combos and Combo Videos



PERSONA 4 ARENA - Most played against character online is ..... because

I can’t seem to do any versino of smp loop -_-


Just keep at it - the two I have up so far are actually pretty easy once you get the timing for the trap set down. The other “problem” spot, at least in the 5AA starter SMP loop, is the 2[C] (hold 2C); you have to delay it so you get all three hits. If you backdash early as possible after 236A~D (again, in the 5AA starter combo), it will time the 2[C] for you perfectly. I prefer not doing the backdash personally, though.

The IAD loop (off of D trap hit / 2B antiair midscreen) is quite a bit harder.


The only thing in this game I can do is the SMP loop…I don’t even know if I will play this character either so Im not sure why I learned it. :confused:


curious, what’s an smp loop?


The SMP loop is a loop exploiting a design decision Arc System Works made when implementing Same Move Proration (hence the name). Basically, if you do ten attacks with SMP in one combo, all future attacks in that combo completely ignore SMP. Generally this is neigh-impossible, because hitstun deterioration is directly tied to combo scaling, but Naoto can do it by abusing her Mudoon super or One More Burst, both of which greatly increase the hitstun of the rest of the combo in which they are used. Once she has successfully landed ten attacks with same move proration, she is free to loop 236B~D ad nauseum. It’s not an infinite (it does stop eventually, with how soon depending on starter), but the a “low damage” SMP loop will still typically break 7000 damage.

This combo video demonstrates some SMP loops, including several I have not added to the first post:


i’ve been trying to do smp loop all day and still can’t get it i get stuck after i do the sweep into 236 A and wait for trap to hit i can’t backdash and get 2c to hit the dummy always recovers right when it hits or about to hit

does the trap timing matter? i just do it as early as possibe


ahh I remember hearing about that when I was studying about blazblue. Are there any other characters that can do the loop at the moment? Naoto’s loop looks really easy, but then again i could be wrong haha. Thanks for the information!


It shouldn’t, but the jump timing does - I time the start of my jump to right when I visually confirm the “wallsplat” circles from Mudoon, and then just do j.214D as soon as the persona is available again, land, and 2A+B 236A~D with the right timing to catch the falling enemy. If you’re doing the 236A~D (backdash) method for timing the 2[C], buffer the backdash into the “un-aiming” animation of 236A~D; you want to do it on the first frame possible, and then start 2[C] right away as your backdash ends. That said, the backdash is optional, and you can just do (…) 236A~D (trap hit) (delay till the enemy is about to start falling) 2[C] 5C (236B~D)xN instead (that’s what I do).

It was actually found in P4A before it was known in Blazblue, not that it’s actually practical in BB. Naoto’s is the only SMP loop I’m aware of in P4A. It’s a little harder than it looks (there are several awkwardly long delays in the lead-in combos), but it’s still pretty easy, especially the actual loop part. You just hold D and do 236B with halfway decent timing, mostly (some of the ones in the combo video are more complex than this, but that’s the gist of the basic ones).


for the jump timing i just hold up forward right after mudoon so im doing it wrong?


Yes, that’s too early.


WOOOOWWWW i was doin the b version not the a version lololol its easy now


Guys sorry but i have two questions what are IADs and in the SMP loop tab you included a **J.9 ** what exactly is that move? thanks

oh and whats a 665? airdash?


IAD is “Instant air dash”, input as 956, aka :uf::f: with a neutral in between. This will cause you to airdash as low to the ground as possible.
j.9 is “jump in the 9 direction”, aka :uf:.


(double post, but I forgot to answer your question about what 665C was)

“665C” means “micro-dash 5C”. If you’ve played Blazblue, it’s like what you had to do to combo after Lambda’s ground throw in CS1; you do a dash and immediately cancel it into a normal (5C in this case), causing yourself to slide forwards as the normal comes out. “66 5C” (with a space) denotes that you do a “real” dash and then 5C.


I’ve been in the training room for a bit and noticed after a double fang into snipe when you jump back C you can cancel that into j.D to keep the pressure on. I’m sure some of you know, just sharing :3


What combos do you guys usually do after D trap besides the one in thread


If they don’t have burst and I do, I go for the midscreen OMB SMP loop shown off on S.Labrys in the combo video I posted earlier. It does ~8500.


I really need to learn the match ups, I feel confident in winning but these players are pulling out attacks I don’t even know the character is capable of :expressionless:


FINALLY got Challenge 30 for Naoto Done. Apparently the game didnt expect us to do the SMP loop. After you clear it, the demonstration video is unlocked.