Every emu I have that uses kaillera, crashs when I go online?

I get a “(insert emu’s name here) has generated errors and will be closed by windows” yada yada yada. This happens with Kawaks, Nebula and Final burn so its not a coincidence. What the hell is wrong ?. I gotta get this working again, nobody will play against me with fighters in real life cause I allways wipe the floor with them (thats not a indication of how good I am, just how crap they are). Kaillera is the only way I can play against decent competition. It was working fine the day before yesterday, but now its fucked.

Im using Win2kpro with SP4 btw.

The main server list is down right now, that’s why.
It’s normal.

You can bypass it by quickly double clicking on a server on your recent list, but if you don’t have any recent servers listed yet, you’re gonna have to wait.

Your right, I tried using the anti 3d dll and now it works perfect :tup: , only problem now is nobody wants to play alpha 3 :sad: . Oh well, thanks anyway.

It’s not that no one wants to play.
Nobody uses kawaks.

While I usually surf the servers in Mame32k, if I see someone hosting w/ Kawaks (in a game I play), I will change and hope to get back online before they disappear. :stuck_out_tongue: There was plenty of A3 action last night (I personally played at least one opponent in Kawaks, and probably 3 or 4 in Mame, just in A3). GodWeapon servers are the best for A3 action, if you’re not already frequenting them.