Every single yahoo article about video games says this. But I'm not seeing it


I thought all Yahoo articles were written by Sophomores in Highschool?


I would use my phone to play PokeYourMoms, which would be a great break from using my phone to read. I like how I bought a Kindle and pushed that shit aside when I purchased a smartphone. It’s good enough to read books on and the Kindle is way too annoying to carry around.


I for one accept our new Skynet overlords. Cellphone games for Evo/MLG/LCS/etc.


@AmazingFunBags, you gonna let this guy^ steal your crown


Once smartphones/tablets get more powerful and are able to deliver a more console-like experience, I think you’re going to see consoles become niche. The games are already getting pretty good, what with stuff like the Modern Combat series of FPS games, Real Racing 3, and SNKP even did a really fantastic conversion of KoFXIII for iDevices (and the netcode is actually better than the console version, LAWL!) But this current/next generation of devices is really gonna do it.

Devs will love it because more people have smart phones than consoles, so it’s a bigger market to sell to, and they won’t have to worry about shipping physical copies of games so it cuts down on overhead. And people buy games from the Apple store without even thinking about it. Like, “Eh, fuck it, it’s $1.99” and they sell tons of games that way. I know guys who spend $30-$50 A WEEK on iPhone games. A WEEK! Half of them they probably don’t even play, but they still buy them.

Plus, there’s always the hope that some indie company will have a hit game that appeals to more hardcore gamers. It seems like it might be a better route for indies to go rather than trying to get Sony or Microsoft to approve their games, at least from what I gather.

Seriously, console gaming is going to get more and more niche between PCs and smartphones. If a game comes out on both PC and console, these days, the PC version is generally always better. I don’t even see a reason to buy a console outside of console exclusives anymore.


Reading tiers
S: kindle/eink
C: everything else


Only if people stop using smartphones, and I don’t see that happening. Google Glass is gonna be like Virtual Boy. :stuck_out_tongue:


The fact is, there’s no buttons and anyone who gives a shit about playing games that aren’t designed to nickle and dime you has a PC/Console/handheld.


I think perhaps phone and tablet games are succeeding somewhat in taking away the casual gamer audience, who will be even less likely to bother with a full-fledged game system when they just have stuff on their phones are tablets.

I’ve seen some pretty good tablet/phone stuff released also.


Cool story bro.


As long as devs for smartphone needs to develop their games around the touch screen it won’t make consoles niche. Tilting the phone to make turns in a racer is not fun and make stuff like drifting a bitch. FPS just flat out won’t work without heavy compromise to make it work. It’s rather on-rails or having those awful on-screen buttons where precision is non-existent and my hands block the screen. Nothing short of native support for controllers can fix that and even then you’ll only be appealing to niche. If I want mobile core gaming experience the 3DS and Vita has me covered on that front.


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I can see some impact smartphones have had on gaming.

I used to bring my Vita to the doctor’s office, DMV, what have you. Now that I upgraded to a phone that doesn’t melt when I try to do anything, I just use that and dick around on the internet. Then you have out of home entertainment - why throw quarters at that Ms.Pac-Man/Galaga or Golden Tee machine when you can just pull out your smartphone that can play something similar?

I don’t think console/PC gaming is really being affected by smartphones, but honestly their biggest enemy is themselves.


i don’t see smartphones/tablets as a large threat to console gaming. as for portable gaming…

this is all that needs to be said: remember DSi


I actually wrote a paper on this for my marketing thesis and it is not videogames in general, but specifically video games geared towards non gamers.

The Wii U took a huge hit compared to the massive success of the Wii partly because its target demographic was now playing games on their phones.

Gamer consoles and PC gaming did not suffer from it nearly as much, but Nintendo got assraped.


Phone games are only good for passing time on the pot


video games can be played on tablets and phone too and those count

so unless we’re talking netflix or some shit then lol

and btw, PC is king


Isn’t video game the general category for any type of interactive games that uses a screen? Pong on those frequency generators are still video games as far as I’m concerned.



League of Legends is the best game for me. PC will always win.

$$$$$$ agrees with me


Never was a fan of handhelds or cellphone games, my eyes hurt after a while and I get head aches.