Everybody help~vote for ST

theres a vote that was made by my local arcade
the winner will be put into the shop
i hope you all could help me and vote for ST
thank you~

go here http://blog.yam.com/megamila/article/15330802

and vote for “SUPER STREET FIGHTER II X -Grand Master Challenge”

I don’t see how that’ll help if we don’t actually live in Taiwan or speak Chinese. Besides, wouldn’t it be better to just let the locals choose? I mean, what’s the point of having an ST machine if no one’s gonna play it?

I voted but i’m curious to know, what exactly are the other games?

these are the games

3.Akatsuki Blitzkampf
5.a shooter made by CAVE i think it’s the game after dai-ou-jou

the rest i don’t know sorry