Everybody let's vote KOF XII for the 7th game at EVO

Come on people this is the time we let our voices heard for KOF even though you may not like the game or whatever, but this is the time we’ve been waiting for a KOF at EVO. Just look at this as a stepping stone for future KOF games to be on the EVO line up. We have to pull everything together as the SNK community and represent.


Out of all the games to vote for EVO you pick this? Its not even just gameplay, but also the other factors like how it was handled and the fact its obviously an incomplete product.

Wait for SNK to actually finish and release their product at full capacity before you support them so avidly. Besides SNK has already proven they don’t care about the community in America anyway.

I really think that’s setting a completely wrong precedent. And we’d be supporting a half-assed game and telling the company that the mistake they made was okay. No, that’s not right.

We should work for a better KOF game to show up at EVO and go from there.

I think that 98 um or 2002 um are better options

Let’s not.

Instead, let’s start building up support for good KOF games like 98UM or 2002UM this year, so that we have enough hype so that next year we cannot be ignored.

No we have to do it this year. We say that all the time lets hype these games up for EVO next year it’s the same shit every year man. Don’t get me wrong I know what you are saying, but like I said this could be a stepping stone for games like KOF 98UM and 2002UM.

As much as I like this game, lets be real, too many people really dislike it for one reason or another for it to even be considered for EVO. Besides, I’m sure that anything other than 3S or Marvel won’t actually stand a chance =/

We won’t know unless we try

No reason to try.

Focus effort on a KOF game actually worth playing.

But we do know that people don’t like XII, people won’t nominate what they don’t like.

Not a big enough following to warrant to be played at EVO.

Well from what I hear the gameplay is rather good (compared to the other features). Isn’t that what truly matters when being played competitively?

Pretty much killed your post.

This, 98UM and 2002UM would be more of a worthwhile effort…

Why would you want a game that seems like a beta in EVO?

KOF wise, I rather KOF2k2 UM be in there but that dream won’t even happen.

Evo doesn’t usually play older games as mains, so everybody saying to choose a different game can think again. If they don’t choose 12 they won’t choose one at all. And though I can’t speak for EVO, KoF 12 WILL be at Devastation this year. www.devastationevent.com

Let me get this straight…you’re right next to fucking Mexico, and instead of KOF 2002 UM, XI, or 98UM…you’re running KOF XII?

Fuck off. How about voting for a game people actually play and has an existing scene? Asking for KoF XII to be at EVO is just straight up trolling on behalf of the SNK scene because the people who actually do play SNK in the US know that the game is a piece of shit. Especially when games that the people who actually do play SNK ( I don’t even want to call it a scene since there isn’t one) know that there are better choices to represent KoF and SNK.

Voted for XII, and I will be at Devastation.

KOF12 for EVO is just retarded, but I don’t know why people bash this game besides shitty online/SNK being stupid. The Gameplay is solid as fuck.

You got it, and it’s simple reasoning. Dark Geese came to Devastation last year and held tournaments for every KoF game possible, WITH FREE ENTRY, and still had a bitch of a time getting people to enter. He even used his own money to put up a guaranteed pot, FOR A FREE TOURNAMENT. Fact of the matter is, it didn’t pull any entrants. Add to that fact that your average scrub cannot buy any of those at gamestop for their PS3 or 360, and you find the reasoning behind pushing KoF 12 at majors.

So once again, if it is not KoF12, you more than likely won’t get any KoF. If that’s your preference than fine, but don’t cry when KoF becomes an even smaller portion of the American FGC.