Everybody makes mistakes!


So I tried to re-wire my old ps2 MAS stick to work for my 360. I’ve never done this before so I wasn’t surprised when it was fucked up =P Ive seen a lot of diagrams on here but are there any guides out there that can give me step by step instructions on doing this. I’m gonna go get a madcatz controller today and retry.


Cool story bro?


hey Interficium, if you’re going to respond to a thread in the Tech Talk forum, maybe it should be something constructive eh buddy?


Should at least be as constructive as the post he is responding to. And he was right on target.


I just wanna get my stick working fellas! no need to be rude, xbox360 pad is balls.


Shouldn’t be all that difficult. Look up the diagram for your controller on Slagcoin, then wire together the signal wires from both PCBs, then run your ground wire to wherever the ground is on the PCB, and then connect the voltage sources on both PCBs to each other.


i ain’t your buddy, guy.


Is your MAS stick common ground? Could cause an issue…



why? can madcatz controllers not be setup to work with common ground arcade setups?


Both PCBs need to be common ground to do dual pcb setups.


Oh like yours.

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i dont think charlie is asking about doing a dual pcb.

can all of the 360 pcbs be setup to work with a common ground? or do some have to have separate grounds for every connection?


the MAS stick is common ground. I thought I only needed to swap out the old ps2 PCB for a 360 one then re-wire/sodder it up. I mustve missed something, im new to this =P


Reale is one of the decent 09 members, I say lay off.


maybe this is something you should let someone more qualified do…

the 360 pad isnt that bad.

the madcats is more fragile then the MS pad… good luck. I have a feeling were gonna see a pic posted of yet another scrubbed pcb.


I’m determined to get this thing working again, its old but in perfect condition. There aren’t many other options to get a stick outside of overpaying or waiting 2 months. Thanks for the confidence though domz =P


Is your MAS board PS2 only and your basically trying to piggyback a 360 controller?

Also, if the MAS board gets messed up you could also try PS DS1 PCB to late Mad Catz dual PCB.
Check slagcoin.com for pcb reference.
If your not comfortable doing this yourself, I’m sure someone in the trading post would do it for a price.


I removed the ps2 PCB and all the wiring inside. Can’t I just buy a wired madcatz or MS PCB and use the diagrams I’ve seen to wire it up? I’m not sure why I need dual pcbs? forgive my lack of knowledge about this stuff =P


Not sure why you can’t – every guide pretty much shows you how to do this.

And last I checked, profanity was against the TOS of SRK. Breaking a rule to mock someone else is quite possibly dumber. In fact, it is most assuredly so.


I only suggested the dual pcb route if things didn’t work out with the MAS board + 360 piggyback.