Everybody take a shower and use deodorant

This should not be considered an option. I don’t think to many people want to play somebody that’s stinkin’. Deodorant is your friend. Remember that.

Why isn’t this a sticky?!

HAHAHAHAHHA… i dont care how many threads we make… Evo is gonna be a skunkfest.

Taking a shower won’t do shit when it gets that hot in there anyway…:smiley:

No… ask them to brush their teeth as well. Because when you sit next to them and they take deep breathes with their mouth it is the worse it really does affect the game.

Also a good theory is: when ppl walk to the door they have to lift up their arms, step 2 the designated spray person will spray deodarent on them. even if they say they already did. Still spray that shit. Just a thought i think this will work, and give everyone like 2 sticks of gum for the day

The higher armos will always stink up the place , there is no way to avoid it :lol:

you should really listen to this yourself…cracka

:lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

Don’t even start with me you dick rider.

WORD! Last year was pretty harsh on te nose… but I think it will be worse this year since there is 9 games running almost at once!! More peeps due to that.

Here’s an idea:
Take a shower 15-45 minute shower minutes before you leave,

put deodorant under your arms(sweep it across at least 5-7 times). Make sure that it is the good kind that goes on very thick^_^
Also, put deodorant under your arms(with your shirt on), that is, if it’s the kind that goes on clear.

Put on perfume right before you leave and Take the bottle with you, and the Deodorant too!

Then, the first time you start sweating a lot, Find time to go to the Bathroom, wipe off the sweat under your arms with paper towels and add MORE deodorant:)

Then later, when you get very sweaty, go back to the bathroom, wash under your arms and add Mooore deodorant^_^ and maybe a bit more perfume.**


i’m gonna be walking around with an air freshener spraying the fuckers who stink:mad:

Surgical mask > trusting nerds.



I wear cologne, not perfume.

For all you kids who dont, i reccommend Hugo Boss or Gucci Envy. But dont buy cheap shit and cake it on to mask no shower… seriously! Some stink is better than cheap cologne burning your nostrils.

calling Goku3x
the legendary Deoderentbuster :)!

I got one word for you motherfuckers: FEBREEZE.

They’re people, not couches.

Fucking Flow tell that bitch to hygiene FUCK!!!

now let’s say people eat a lot of beans…and start farting up in the place…deodorant and showering isn’t gonna help then…

I’m going in with akimbo-style AXE bottles. Anyone who gets in my way will be AXEd.

man, AXE and Certs would make a killing at EVO…