Everybody's favorite demon, SSStylin' - Dante New Tech Thread



Dante’s best and newest Tech, BNB’s, Setups & Teams

Our demon hunter is back, with as many stylish moves and combo’s as we’re used to. Let’s compile and discuss his tech


’’" or St. = standing
Cr. = crouching
J. = jump
->/<- = directions
qcf = quarter circle forward
qcb = quarter circle back
hcb = half circle back
~~= cancel or plink into
dash = direction+LP+HP or double tap direction
Boldcancel = LK+HK

***BNB: ***
Bread and Butter 1: [1.1 bar]: Dash > J.HP, Cr.lk, S.HP, Stinger (-> HP), HP ~ HK (Volcano), J.LP, J.HP, DashF, J.HP, JumpUp, J.HP, Hammer (QCF + LP), Pop Schredder (QCF + LP) ~ HP, J.LP, J.HP, KIllerbee (QCF + HK), Volcano/Beehive (Down Down HP ~ HP) [Damage: 5300/6100]

***Neutral Game Tech: *(Bolded moves every Dante should (ab)use!)
Close/mid range:
**- J. Dash, ->(Hold)LP [Crossup]

  • J. HK/Cr. LP (Instant overhead, cancel-able low]**
  • St. HK (Shots)
  • Crystal (QCF + HP)
    - Stinger, Million stabs ( -> HP, HP) [Tag + blockstun]
  • Scatter shot (QCF + LP) [Tag + blockstun]

Far/mid range:

  • Jump LK / Tigerknee LK
    **- J. Airplay (QCF + HP)
  • Tempest/Tornado (S.QCB + HP, HP, HP) [Full-screen punish, frame-trap, combo, tag + blockstun]**
  • Acid Rain (QCF + HK) [Incoming, small-keep away]
  • Multi-lock (QCF + LK) [Tracking/incoming, tag]

**- Cr.lk > ST. HK (Shots) (Into Stinger (-> HP)

  • Stinger, Million Stabs (-> HP, HP) (Into Tag or Tempest)
  • J. HK > Dash, J.HP (Into any combo)
  • Tempest/Tornado (S.QCB + HP, HP, HP) (Into J.LP, J.HP)


A word of caution, if your combo goes on for too long then your opponent will flip out during the Million Dollars super. It’s nice for some sneaky resets/air grabs by tagging in a partner but be careful ending your combos with that super if your teammate is ded


Does anyone have any super practical bnbs? So far I’ve only seen the most stylish stuff.



This should be good enough to get you going.


Thank you. I made my own BnB and I think I can combine parts of this with it and make it more suitable for my needs. Also, a bi off topic here, but there is absolutely no way to make down down motions into srk motions right? down down triggers me


Made a playlist of Dante/Chun Mvci - Dante/Chun: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL9Sf-nM15Xwxf8neQQmBt1CZcG6ySrkvK


Dante neutral game; lows tech
Edit: I’m currently abusing this so much



Some stuff to get people going to setup tags with Dante:

[] Charged Air Play, Multilock, Acid Rain, Twister, Tempest and Crazy Dance completely ignore Advancing Guard;
] s.LK, j.LK, j.d.HK and Scat Shot (qcf + LP) all ignore the pushback effect of advancing guard, but can be reflected;
[] A second hammer and j.HK under specific conditions (I’ll get into detail in a following post) force neutral teching;
] While they don’t ignore it, Jet Stream plows through any attempt at Advancing Guard and so does Reverb Shock if you space just right. Point black c.HK also keeps them locked in blockstun through Advancing Guard due to how deceptively huge it’s range is.
[*] Vortex plows through Advancing Guard but sadly isn’t invincible anymore. I think you can get at least a tag into short hop instant overhead of his air lightning while in DT, but I haven’t tried to see how tight the blockstring is.


Good stuff so far. One thing I found really good for tagging is to cancel the launcher into Acid Rain. The first hit on the way up should hit around the time your next character comes into range. While it doesn’t continue the combo, it gives you plenty of time to set up your next mixup.


Do we have an idea of what the optimized Dante combo is yet? Or what is the highest damaging combo anyone has found yet?


Question: What are we all thinking about Stinger xx Drive vs Stinger xx Volcano as our combo starter?
tryin to pick one of the two… and get my muscle memory goin, still feels like I get rapid stabs too often.


Game has a lot of creativity, and so far seems like you get same damage from both drive and volcano starter.
Volcano is a lot easier to convert from. The drive follow ups are more stylish though.

Does anyone know if there is any shortcut to get revolver after volcano? I keep getting a beehive. And if I do it too late I get the super jump sky dance. :anguished:


Came here to ask the same, I’m trying to do bold move into tiger knee revolver but I have the same problem as you, way too many beehives, to the point I drop it like 90% of the time.

On a different topic, what about air grabs? Obviously it’s going to be team dependent (I’m using dorm so I think the goal should be ending everything in crazy dance since it gives 3 spells). So far the only thing I’ve got is a simple : grab -> jump HP -> hammer -> million stabs (just found out this otg’s) xx jet stream xx crazy dance xx …


How are y’all consistently cancelling stinger into volcano? Is the input f.HP, HP, d, d, HP? Always tend to just get rapid stabs randomly, wondering if there’s a better way to buffer it.


You press HK after the second HP. So it’d be fHP, HP, HK. The window is the circle that flashes when Million Stab starts. If you accidentally his HP too many times, you get the quick Million Stabs that you can’t cancel.


Drive has much better corner carry tho.

Haven’t found any shortcut from Volcano. Everyting being in the same input fucking sucks.


I’m no Cloud805 but I’ve mostly been playing Dante nonstop since release. Here’s a video of some of the things I’ve learned without going online to check on what tech is out there. Maybe it’ll inspire something or maybe it’s all old news but I figured this would be the place to share.



Got a cheap one for ya guys https://youtu.be/s04kSDlYBNg



Meter gain is nutty! Im sure we can get more than 7k


Bullet Stylez


I’m using stinger > drive. Mostly cause I don’t wanna do the same UMVC3 combos lol. It sounds safe to say that volcano is the better choice though, it doesn’t use up a wallbounce instantly for one.

If anyone has a really solid average level BNB I’ll paste it above