Everyone hates my necro :( (and some questions)

the people who play 3rd strike here at my local mall are hating on the way that i play with necro :(. i dont know why. maybe its the way that i play? i dunno. maybe its random bs that i pull off? i dont know. its not like that i lose or anything. they’re just hating it for whatever reason i dont know why. when i play around the city here where i live (Toronto, Canada), i get recognized as a good player with Necro. im not the greatest player but hell i try my hardest to work my way up there. but some people out there think i dont play fair to their standards when i use necro :\

anyway, here are a few questions that i have:

  • the 3rd strike cabinet here at my local mall might be fucked up, but why does necro’s lp tornado hook doesn’t knock your opponent across the screen like it should? all it does is knock your opponent away slowly in the air about a character away. i can reset the guy with a standing.lp or just knock him across the screen with db.fp. how fucked up is that?

  • i dont know if i see the differences correctly, but is b.fk -> cr.lk xx sa3 stronger than b.fk -> standing.mp xx sa3?

  • what are some good wakeup options with necro? im running out of ideas and im starting to repeat with wake-up throws, b.lk -> standing.mp and some parries. i dunno can someone help me out in this area?

  • sa1 has more than one weakness. other than being the obvious one and parrying, the other one that ive realized is that you can be grabbed out of it during startup by a command throw (ie makoto, yun, yang, hugo, whoever). i have the feeling there are more downsides with sa1. anyone know?

for the tornado hook not knocking them away does that happen everytime? because I’ve had it happen randomly before on all the arcade machines I’ve played on and on the dreamcast though never on the PS2 version.

standing mp, should get you more damage though thats just a guess but it definetly gets you more stun, you can also do b.rh to mp tornado hook or mp electricty into SA3 for more stun as well.

ummm, the other weaknesses are it’s only 1 bar, it scales heavly if you combo into it off of specials. But it can be useful against the twins, and alot of people use it as there first super with necro because it takes less skill to use than SA3

this happens ALL the time on this cabinet at my mall o_O its as if it was set like that by default

how fucked up is that o_O

I don’t know sounds sexy to me. I want to land db+fierce mid-screen. Talk about sucker punched.

Could it be a difference between v1.0 and v1.1 cabinets?

Could it have something to do with counter-hits or crouching opponents or airborn opponents?

Landing db.fierce midscreen off a jab hook sounds wickedly abusible. I think I’d complain too if that happened to me, hahaha!

I don’t know for sure about v numbers, for the cabs I played on. But it’s randomly happened to me on alot of cabs. sooooo… I don’t know.

this could be possible, but my guess is that this cabinet might be an earlier version? because this one has unblockables too? :o

nothing of the like. it can be done on everyone whether they’re standing still or doing whatever.

guys, ive noticed that the lp tornado hook only knocks the opponent full screen across only when the LAST HIT actually hits the opponent and NOT the first hit. its like if you miss the first hit of the lp tornado hook, the last hit will knock your opponent across the screen. its only that when the first hit of the lp tornado hook actually hits and is followed up by the second hit, the opponent doesn’t go across the screen.