Everyone should be able to run in SFV

Looking at Ken’s run and all the complaints about walk speed, I think Capcom should’ve seriously considered giving everyone the ability to run. Just like dashing or jumping, running seems like the next logical step for standardized mobility for all characters. Maybe running can reduce your guard meter or slowly deplete your V-gauge, or hell even add a run gauge to balance it, but it really belongs in this more offense oriented game I feel. Adding the ability to run helps justify the slower walk speeds for all characters. It’s very likely too late to add such a mechanic now, but it truly is a missed opportunity. Running could’ve set SFV further apart from all its predecessors.

I can’t wish for this to come true when running is one of the many things that ruin MK, eliminating any emphasis on getting in strategies and footsies.

When Capcom keep making the stages larger, the jumps floatier, dashes lessy dashy and the walk speeds slower. Doesn’t running feels like it would have a place? Ken will quickly become a favorite I feel because he can run and most likely no one else can.

People are just gonna say the game is selling out to SNK if everyone gets a run.

That’s kind of the whole point of V Trigger. It gives everyone a way to feel unique and give a character something that you may wish your character had. It’s like Injustice’s traits or KI’s Instinct where each character gets something very unique to themselves that could persuade you to learn to use them just on that feature.

Oh and yeah the run feels like a big nod to everyone who uses Ken because he’s the flashy, aggressive shoto. Now he gets another tool for the flowcharts to go HAM with. I’m sure it’ll have its high level applications though.

I think the walk speeds look fine. I dont think a universal run is necessary.

We MKX now?

lol this

I like the run is unique to Ken, again adding the variety from character to character.

Personally i think the run is unique to ken like parry is unique to ryu. The run is helpful in rushing down but it seems pretty risky to me, you can easily run into opponent’s normals.

exactly. the day one footage has people not knowing how to react to it but i guarantee by the end of month one people will be getting super combo’d for abusing this.

I think if anyone should have a run, it should be E.honda. He had the best run animation in CvS2.

No thanks.

Just a little fix there =V

The way Kens V-skill looks now, it seems to be a good tool for setting up throws if you can condition people to block. Not as much a tool for getting in. V-skill -> step kick looked mad unsafe on whiff.

In this thread: People disappointing me by thinking of MKX before thinking of KOF when a universal run is mentioned.

I’m certainly not what ANYONE would call an “OG” and even I respect the classics. Come on guys, universal run has been in KOF f-o-r-e-v-e-r.

Yeah not too many old men left when people bring up MKX run first lol. Granted MK3 also had run but Im sure thats not the MK people are thinking about.

Yeah but KOF94 had it before MK3 (as I just checked from a quick search since I never played '94)

I didn’t even really get into fighting games until a friend bought be SF4AE on PC, and I still associate “run” with KOF. I suppose at 29 I’m still older than a lot of people here even if I’m not “old man” status yet.

I guess I just like to absorb information, lol. Plus I was a fan of CvS2:EO even if I pretty much only played it singleplayer and couldn’t tell you want a link/chain was until 3 1/2 years ago. >_>

Gotta respect the KOF. It’s OG.

No, in fact people were not even complaining about walk speeds they where co plain about bison and Charlie

Give everybody a run, let’s give eveybodh a parry too because its not fair ryu has it,oh while we are at it give them chuns short jump and bisons reflect


KOF '98 was the first game I haunted arcades day and night. MK3 being the second one which also had run. But running is bad only in MK (all those Smoke players come to mind), that’s why me and I’m guessing many people say MK instead of KOF as it is not a bad thing in KOF.

So you want them to give everybody an element that sets Ken different from everybody else, which is Capcom’s main target in this game - to make every character unique?

When people say the walkspeeds are fine, many of them only take into account forward walkspeeds. Even in SFIV forward walkspeeds are more-or-less OK, but the backwards walking speeds feel slower than older games.

That makes no sense. The game already has standardized mobility in the form of forward/backward walking, dashes, and jumps. Adding running isn’t some big leap in mechanics. It has been done for decades in fighting games and was in the CvS series. It worked out fine.

I don’t know why everyone is bringing up MK, running in MK will not be the same as running in SF. It’s actually tragic that people associate running with MKX. Do yourself a favor and play more fighting games please.

Yeah I remember that’s what they said when dashes were added but look where we are now.

The answer is in in the headline really. I was suggesting running long before Ken was revealed, and seeing that Capcom has a willingness to include it in some capacity the game made me bring up the topic again.