Everyone should be able to run in SFV

I think the linking of running with the MK series is because its what some people have played most recent. I know I haven’t played a KoF game in over five years and before that, maybe a decade. so no it didn’t come to mind.

Ken needs the run so when he hears Eliza calling he can get home faster

No thanks, I want all the characters to have something unique. Giving everyone a run would destroy any footsie and ground game strategy. This isnt MKX.
You want a character with a Run OP, theres Ken for you.

No, KOF94-95 only had dashes. Run was actually introduced in KOF96. But I guess it still seems to be like forever for new players in their early 20s or born in the mid-90s lol.

In just about every game with a run, I ask myself, what’s the point? How is this different from just giving them fast forward walkspeed? It makes walking pretty useless.

But that’s assuming that it’s the universal kind of run you’re suggesting. Ken’s isn’t like that. He can cancel into it from normals, and I haven’t seen him cancel it into blocking yet. You’re also in a counterhit state the whole time. So it’s an unsafe burst of speed and it’s supposed to be something unique to him.

The current SF versions of runs that you’re comparing the MK run to are all command dashes, with set properties and rules associated with them. Adding this to everyone’s game like it was KoF (which also has shorthop pressure, combos into command grabs, etc) changes a lot more than you’re considering.

Playing “more fighting games” isn’t the same as understanding them at a deeper level.


let’s keep that in mkx please unless capcom goes the tekken route with running [holding after second dash input instead of a damn button as an option toggle]
come to think of it capcom should learn from netherealm and put some toggles, but keep that button to run thing as an option not a mandatory lol.

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Can they make this video and have the sf4 characters dash forward and then compare?

The worst thing about running and dashing in MKX is tying it to a resource that the game’s defensive mechanics also need. Doing neither can fuck you if you get hit.

Universal movement mechanics were never a Capcom thing. Look at their “airdashers” and see how not all their characters have an airdash.

Giving people unique movement options allows for more interesting match ups as everyone has to use widely different tools to approach their opponents.

In any case, run does almost nothing in relation to why we want faster walkspeeds. The primary reason we want these has to do with mid-range footsies, and enabling characters to walk in and out of their opponents low forward (or whatever their longest poke is) range. Run doesn’t necessarily enable this.

The game is offense oriented enough with the damage the characters dish out.
One thing that makes SF special to me is the neutral game, and every character having a way of “avoiding” footsies ruins it.
Walking back and forth and poking each other without the immediate reward of getting huge combos in (unless you got super), and frustrating your opponent and baiting him into taking risks which then can be converted to huge damage is important to me.

I hope Capcom is not considering your suggestion, as I don’t want another Korner Kombat X, or something with a very different neutral game than Street Fighter like KOF.

Also no, the game doesn’t have standardized mobility.
Every dash, walkspeed and jump arc in SFV looks different for every character and I like it.

Guess I misread the site I checked, thought you could run - hop.

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Yeah, SF4 is generally worse than SFA too, though there are a couple of characters ABYSMALLY slow in SFA. Gief being the main culprit.

Ken be runnin.

This tournament for KOF 94 confirms that the old games had only dash and dodge. 96 and 97 introuduced rolls and 97 specifically introduced the ADV meter stock system as a replacement. Then 98 allowed you to choose between either style.

96 for comparison as first game to implement running and rolling.

In CVS2, S groove is like choosing KOF 94/95 style and N groove is like choosing 96/97 style with the run.

MK3 came out in April 1995 in the arcades, basically a whole year before 96. Not a huge deal, but as far as technicalities go MK technically did add run first.

As a random note, in KOF 96 runs and shortened travel on fireballs (usually not leaving the hand) were purposely implemented to make the game more aggressive and less zoning centric. Which helped inspired Capcom to create Dan who makes fun of how much Ryo and Robert rip off Ryu and Ken and purposely has short fireballs and a shitty angled DP. His DP animates exactly like Robert’s going straight up with the elbows bent. Of course also having the famous overly long rush super.

That’s how Kyo ended up getting his rekka chains that he’s known for as those replaced his fireball back then.

I tried to keep up with this stuff as a kid by just reading the import section of EGM magazines since there were no arcades around me with any real SNK presence other than Samurai Shodown. CVS2 and KOF98 are both good games for brushing you up on the history of the gameplay elements as they basically just combine shit from the older games. I also generally like to watch a lot of Japanese tournament footage as they still do tournaments for OG games regularly. US too Hollywood and doesn’t have much an arcade presence for that stuff now.

Yeah I think I read the wrong KOF 90s game when I said that it was in 94. That said, it’s been in almost all KOF games SINCE it was first introduced. Not sure if there was any gaps where there wasn’t run. It’s been in probably the most important KOF games though for sure, 98/2002/KOF13/Garou Though Garou it wasn’t universal, but instead like 50% of the cast.

I wonder if there was a FG before MK3 that had run though. Probably have to dig pretty deep to find one.

You want to give Bison a run? You sick fuck. Shame on you.

Didn’t shaq fu have universal run?

Each character should have their own unique options in this game imo. Just taking run and giving it to all of them would probably make less of a need for footsies since you can just run in to the opponents range instead of using your normals to poke and move in.

It’s called dashing.

Don’t think so. I think Shaq just jogged forward during his walk animation. I guess to accentuate the fact that he’s a basketball player.