Everyone showcase only your hot as MAGNETO avatars!

i want to see some hot ass Magneto avs

are you serious??..geez it comes to this huh?..are you like upsest with magnus or something?..i mean youve been going around requesting none stop magneto avatars,and now you make a thred about showing them…ok,ok here’s mine,im sure you remember this one real well,…when you didnt even wear it.

:lol: Sorry.

Anyways, here:




damn you Magnuz whore…

What a retarded thread.

Nice Mag av Ninja Gaiden.

This thread is dumb. Dragongon, you need to learn to make avs yourself. If you’d like, I can give you some tips n tricks so you can just stop bugging people!

II: thanx TheGreatSchism for the compliment about my avs.


LOL… TheGreatSchism is HG… lol:lol: i feel stupid…

anyways DragonGod from what i know… does know how to make avatars… i guess he’s just trying to see different styles and such…

:cool: Forcefield avatars are dope



:confused: didnt work right :confused:

heres mine :smiley:




kidwu that 1st mag av is off the chain!

can i have some tips n tricks

lol haha i do know how to make avs but thanx i could use some more tips that would be greatly appreicated and i will where the other magnus av since i never wore it. i just want to see other styles like the guy said can you really knock me for wanted to see the Pros at work :frowning: but fin i guess waiting my proper two weeks before i request still makes me an av whore.

that is such bullshit… what you said there.

no its not its da Truth why do you think different


holy crud… your actually asking why…

I did not make either of them.

Sabotage made the first one and TigerGenocide made the second one along time ago. Much props to both for them :cool:

  1. because you go into every request thread and ask for avs
  2. because you always make threads for avatars.
  3. because you probobly have 800 avatars made for you and dont use any of them
  4. because your prolly some 13 yr old
  5. because i hate you.