Everyone, stop playing this f***in game!


Seriously, this game is a waste of money! It only has 8 characters, and the gameplay is WAY too simple 2D! Who the f*** wants to play female characters? Stop buying this game already!


Better get that flame shield up nigga


Look at that punctuation! You can tell he really put a lot of effort into that message.



What makes you think people are going to listen to you?


Was about to post something witty.
Saw this.
Cried laughing.

While I’m not 100% sold on this game, it’s actually fun. And if you think it’s a waste of money, don’t buy it? Common sense, bro.
Mad props to Mike Z for making an Indie game that’s actually making a profit and becoming popular.


This game has more depth than most games with 20+ characters and its getting a major update for free.

You’re right…what a waste of money.

edit: Also, if you want to make a troll account then at least be funny and less obvious.


Waste of money? Skullgirls is $15. That’s amazing value.


WTF Why do you think it’s good value? Why not play VF5?


Wow. This isn’t what I expected to see first thing in the morning. Algebraic!


Best part of waking up, Is trolls in your thread! hmmm doesn’t go with the melody ill try again later


Man skullgirls is a fun game even though I don’t play it like that.