Everyone that posts in this thread is retarded


According to the stream unless they are trolling.

Nope not trolling.

Congratulations to the SF2 community for killing the game at EVO due to fighting over what version should be played.


Damn :shake:


Official games:

  • Marvel vs Capcom 3
  • Super Street Fighter 4 (AE if it comes out before June 1st)
  • Tekken 6
  • Blazblue
  • Mortal Kombat 9


R.I.P. hdr…


R.I.P. hdr…




That goes to the HDR crowd too.


That sucks, I was planning to go to evo.

Not anymore I guess


Yup, both sides killed HDR…


First time in Evo history that an iteration of SF2 won’t be on the game roster. It’s a shame really…even with all the gripes people had with HDR, wouldn’t you want it played at the biggest tourney of the year? It’s still SF2.


That’s part of it but I’ll echo what Ganelon has been saying. There wasn’t big enough turnouts for HDR tourneys. People have to show up to the tourneys and support the game. You can’t just support the game online.


IIRC HDR was #2 in entries at Evo for the last 2 years. <SHRUG>


Damn, looks like EVO 2010 was the first and last time I will have attended EVO.


There’s no chance it would have been #2 this year.

Look at the tournament numbers since EVO. It wasn’t even on the card at some tourneys and some even cancelled. You can’t just take for granted that it’s going to be at EVO every year just because it pulled in nice numbers last year. The game needs support all year long. Several people have been saying this for a while now.


True. I never understood all the bullshit behind this stuff, its just a fucking game. My main got nerfed to fuck in HDR and I still play it frequently. Hell, I’ll play classic mode once in a while when people want to. People who get all anal because their main got nerfed need to STFU and just play.


Funny that a game that was trying to extend the life of SF2 ended up being the nail in the coffin for SF2 as far as Evo goes. It does make me wonder what would’ve happened if HDR came out as just a graphical update to ST and nothing more. Oh well.


Update straight word from Wizard:

HDR was dropped because new stuff was not being developed for the game and it is not a new game.
They want to focus on nextgen games in HD for the entire lineup.

So yeah ST would never have had a chance.


Nextgen games which are awful


Time to pick mvc3 guys…get hype? lol


Well not exactly what he said… he also said people just aren’t playing HDR at other events, and that the game needs to maintain popularity all year, so who knows. I do know that interest in ST lasted a hell of a lot longer than interest in HDR, but either way, whatever, it’s not there, and nobody is going back in time to change history.