Everyone welcome NC back to the Atlantic South!


Welcome back, NC! The purpose was not just to promote unity, but also to finalize the lines between the regions to make it easier for people to find y’all. I have been deleting/closing/moving threads of people looking for NC repeatedly since I started moderating the Atlantic South forum, so maybe this will make it easier for people to connect.

If this arrangement does not work out, I’ll do what I can to see if you guys can move back, but most everyone on both sides agreed that this was a good idea. Please let me know of anything I can do, or offer up suggestions to things we can correct.

I’ll be updating the arcade/game center location list shortly with the NC information. In the meantime, enjoy your stay!

EDIT: Also, please feel free to contribute to the arcade locations thread and/or the phonebook thread at any time! If you have any upcoming tournaments, please submit them to the A.S. upcoming tournament thread as well!


What up BobSmack! :wonder: So this is where our little thread’s been hiding. :bluu: I thought the fellas had disbanded and left me behind. Anyways, yeah this makes more sense for us to be in the South. :sad: I’ll miss being in the same league as my VA/MD/NY vatos, they’re one hellova bunch and some awesome competition.

Reaches 120% pump-a-tude

Goes back to sleep


w3rd thats great news. w00t




…Hello? hangs up phone


Not trying to be an asshole or anything but you have a thing with the color pink?


Welcome, NC.
If you guys wanna get some games in this weekend and/or not doing anything, come down to SC for a while. Anderson crew needs some sick motivation. :lol:


What? The color pink is hot son.


hey, i need to go up there and play your ibuki again, after all the beatdowns you gave my ryu at FRX >_<;;;


Damn straight.


I think so too. Just asking him cause he types in pink and wore pink at FRX.


I guess you already had your answer, then.


Hello?dial tone


It’s my battle armor. I always wear pink at tournaments. It has this cool effect:
:wonder: So who beat you?
:bluu: *I lost to that dood wearing pink…
:wasted: That’s if I’m lucky enough to win.

:rofl: You forgot to mention picks all characters in Pink too. But yeah, I’m the one and only member of the KAMIKAZE ALL~STARS formally know as the TEAM PINK ALL~STARS :wonder: check out my siggy.

:confused: You sure that was me? :sad: I’m horrible at 3rd Strike.

in Q voice

… (…dood?)[/COLOR]


I see now. You didn’t pick your ibuki in pink. Actually thinking about it, I don’t recall her having a pick choice. Anyway, question answered.


Yeah, pink is her Start+Fierce color. The game has to be beaten with her for it to be unlocked. I carry a memory card with my to tournaments so that I can pick my characters in pink but I didn’t want to slow things down at FRX with there being 120 players… dood.


Welcome to the south nc. What the hell am I saying. Ya’ll always been south too me shawty. It’s just official now on srk. I always looked at NC as my southern brotha’s.