Everyones fav ninja 2

Strider or Shinobi? Who’s cooler?

I’m a bigger fan of Strider than Shinobi, but I think your Shinobi piece was better - the flow of his scarf contrasted with his calm, still pose. Strider would look more dynamic if his stance was wider & his body was lower to the ground, imho… think Spiderman-style low crouches.

good pic :slight_smile:

i say shinobi, cool stryder is cool but that shinobi pic u did was just too bad ass

yes …me too bro… Im feeling the Shinobi as well, man that pose was just amazingly Alive…that standing pose you did of Shinobi had more movement going through it than some action poses ive seen lately-:wink:


I personally like Ryu Hayabusa, Ninja Gaiden. I really wouldn’t want to try deciding between Strider and Shinobi after that last Shinobi game came out for the PS2. That long scarf was ultimatly cool.

I like the drawing but for one, the coloring makes it look very blurry. Also, his lower parts of the legs look a little too short, but I might just be getting confused because of his pants.

I also think he could do much better with a robotic hawk flying over him or a robotic tiger walking next to him. Can’t have Strider without his helpers.

Hmm very nice. I agree with the whole dynamic thingy. Colors are solid and i can tell you have a good sense of conectivity with the shadows. good sketch. What did you do this with?

Thanks everyone for the good crit. I concur with the piece being more dynamic, but it’s just a sketch. Sketches are never planned out.

Sweet sketch SFMC, I really like your colours and brush work. However, my favorite ninja could kick striders ass as my pic illustrates.

I really don’t like MGS… but that’s one sweet ass drawing of Grey Fox! :eek:

Great stuff as usual SFMC. I just realised your sketches don’t usually have outlines. I should try that one day. I love the back lighting you gave him. Back lighting rocks.:smiley:

Hey very nice! i tink there is nothing wrong wif tis pic becoz it seems like a sketch to me wif paint but i like it alot man. I do feel tat the technique u use to paint is rather unusual painting style. :slight_smile:
Cool wan bro

Since everyone knows you can color well I am not even going to bring about the nature of that, but what I will say is that you may need to work on the dynamics of your art and push your style further. At this point you do have an evident style in your structure and coloring but in all of your pieces I recognize your coloring skills but your style has never struck me. I don’t really have any advice to offer in that matter aside from experiment a little. I don’t mean to seem harsh but I would like to see you become better than you already are.

yeah I agree. Peter is missing the flare.

heh i thought u squeezed a mai shiranui in this – hi im new here…o.o er yeah, nice artwork it is very cool

aww yes. i think this was a study of the character right? any of you guys whi think this is weak you have to see the sequence peices he’s doing for strider. i’m talking insane action moves and crazy perspectives. ( of course i helped him though) come on man give them a taste son!:wink:

If what you say is true…

I can’t wait to see that. So what he doing? A mini comic of Strider?

That is one awesome Strider. right clicks, saves