Everything Denjin...The Thread



I’ll be editing my first 3 posts often…

This has probably been done before but whatever…Im gonna put up vids of frankie3s and all types of shiz in here…i want this to have mindgames, setups, everything relating to denjin.if anyone wants to help me find supers that go through denjin do itlol…

Set ups

Back throw into cornerclassic and one of the best…

Srk of any kind charge while they get up
but midscreen this is not to good against a parrier it gives them too much time to react…but if you wait and they don’t jump it can work but i’m not to fond of mid screen denjins off of srk…it’s usually too much distance… :sad: but in the corner BRING IT ON!!!

j.hp, c.mk, hp srk…into Denjin.great if you get a free jump in or parry a crap anti air.

Down mk.lk tatsugood in punishment situations…ryus mk is a beast poke…

I ganked these from nothingxs SORRY TO STEAL ON YOU DOOD!!
these are pretty beast that one on akums is nasty :open_mouth:

SA3 Denjin setups
Anything leading into FP SRK xx SA3 setup
Anything leading into LP SRK xx SA3 (on 1/4 - 1/3 stunned character, release if SRK hits)
Anything into LK / MK Tatsumaki, SA3 setup (preferable over HK)
Any air-to-air where you land first (FP Hadouken xx SA3)
Any instance where you anti-air a guy from the ground (LP Hadouken xx SA3)
crossup MK, c.LK, s.MP, LP Hadouken xx SA3 (better vs Akuma)
c.LK, c.LP, c.LK, LP Hadouken xx SA3 (better vs Akuma)

Best combo after denjin stuns them

jump in hp, standing hp, hk tatsu

you can also do jump in hp, crouching fiercehk tatsuis the crouching more reliable…i dont know I mean I know the jump in hp, st hp does hit all characters if they are standing except for twins rightwhat about chun, maybe oro too…i need to test this??? But Im at work now Lol

Denjin mind games.

Lp fireball wait a little bit then throw the denjinuse the fireball to keep them groundedwaiting that split second is great. also the quicker you get you can start seeing people step forward in anticipation of the parry, esp if you do what I tell you below…most people parry stuff by rhythm in this gamemake them follow your rhythm then f em up. Frankie does this a lot…watch his vids on combo videos against kokujin and rxhe does them sooooo wrong lol.

I like to do denjin, the first time I get a knockdown on someone, as soon as they get up, this sets up the first impression that you are just going to rely on them not being able to parry it. Believe me people really do stick to their first impressions a lot, or at least most average players do.

Something else is if you do a setup that doesnt stun them completely but gets it close your opponent gets scared.or they might even expect you to try to rush in and stun them quickly…so wait and bait as they say.Ryu has so many mind gamesall the typical shoto stuff. I would run up and option select throw…or just run up and block lowif your playing a ken hope he does a shoryuken and then its a free stun, see what I meanryu is a good character to punish people with…if they get defensive then start kara throwingDenjin doesnt have to stun to give you set ups for easy damage

What to do if they parry your denjin.

If you get a full charge and they are parrying it run up and st hp, hp shoryuken or do a sweep or down mk into somethingmost cant parry denjin and this.even just doing a hk tatsu gives them two dif rhythms to parry and 3 more hits…this applies to corner stuff or whenever you do a denjin that is close to them

MUCH MORE to come…post up people fill me in…i’ll do a search i guess and see what is out there…


Character Matchups…and how denjin affects your matchup.

Editing soon…

Basically get some frankie vs pyro vids…i can put up a link to it but it’s in the Official 3s match vids thread in general 3s…this is b/f pyro was at his current level…but he was still hella good…frankie will show you how to play footsies and zone yun as best as possible…
You are really gonna have to parry yun’s pressure strings if you play a good aggressive yun. just try to stay on the same plane as him too if he’s jumping constantly to dive kick jump up and mp to give him 2 things to parry…just try to stay the hell out of the corner…learn what you can really punish.

you really need to be able to parry shoulders…that is great…that will put fear in the yun players heart if you get a nice combo on him off of that shoulder might make him stop shoulder and just activating the genei on you…this is good…but honestly keeping yun from getting bar is going to be hard i would say don’t be afriad to use a ex hado to get a knock down if you can get on top of him. it’s worth it in this matchup just to keep yun grounded.

obvously you can fuck him up after a blocked running fist…just posting it to post it…

you really need to keep him off of you b/c he has some nasty ticks into zempo…or he’ll just cross you up with dive kicks…srk the jumping yun until he proves he can parry your srk…it’s only one hit so you have to mix up your timing…can not get predictable…if you watch valle you’ll notice he does this b/c one parry isn’t shit to any player who’s worth playing…just make sure the yun doesn’t fuck you over by jumping from the right ranges and doing the lk version…going under your whiff and fucking you up…it’s best to wait till the last moment to srk…but then the yun can expect to parry easier…this fight will not be easy…but be patient…yun takes damage badly and if you get a denjin and the full jump in combo…it should be a round winner…almost…genei is good for random come backs haha…

to zone yun i would say use the st. mk…good range decent recovery from the correct range…if your playing ryu you really need to learn his ranges…he is all about this…use your dw. mk too…it is good at keeping him at a safe distance…this can frustate some yuns into dive kick mode…then just srk that ass…your going to have to make the yun player make mistakes…but be careful of just rushing in on him when he’s builiding bar…yun can do too much random stuff when building genei that can lead to getting enough bar for a genei…

walking towards yun is sometimes better than dashing…makes them get curious…walk some cr. mk…walk some more cr. st…walk some more overhead etc… you are going to have to chip for your damage alot until you get an opening…remain patient…gettin impatient falls right into yun’s hands.

keeping yun locked down on wake up is not that difficult just be careful and block if you are frustrating them b/c he might go for the srk kick…or jump straight up to make you whiff if you miss time…that is not what you want…get him in the corner and keep his hat wearing ass there.




















match vids Post…

self explanatory…i’ll put vids here if you guys want put them in the thread or pm me and i’ll put theh here neatly on the first page and give you credit!!!

I’m gonna upload some today when i get home…

here’s some links for some combovideos one…props to shogo and crew for posting them in the first place!!! Be logged in first then just click on these to go straight to them…

http://www.combovideos.com/page.php?id=718 Frankie3s vs Kokujin

http://www.combovideos.com/page.php?id=716 Frankie3s vs RX

also on combo videos alex valle aka calipower used ryu denjin…but really doesn’t use denjin much buy hey you will def… learn ryu’s footsies very nicely. in these frankie3s makes an app. some denjin action!

basically get all the ryu videos there are some good ones of jap ryu’s who are really good too…the more you watch the better!


j. fierce -> c. fierce x roundhouse Tatsu is best.

s. fierce x roundhouse Tatsu misses vs. Yun/Yang. maybe Oro as well.



okay cool that’s what i thought i had it missing vs the twins…so i need to test on oro then…what about chun, i think it hits right???
i had the crouching as an option as well but your right cr. is best bc it still works on everyone!!!
thanks kal any beasting is welcome


if you watch the denijin animation all the way through till its fully charged and gets sent out automatically, youll see their will be no lightning around him a few times. He’ll just have the ball in his hands NO LIGHTNING. The first time there is no lightning is when the you have a 5 hit denijin. It wont have the speed on it but its still 5 hits and can be done relatively fast. I think this might be old news but i learned it on my own.

5 hitter parry 3\4 screen results in a free c.mk, hk tatsu. The opp could parry it but c.mk interupts the fireball parry.

If you can catch the opp during a block stun from a hado you can get a 2 hitter in that the opp will have to red parry out. Almost impossible to land midscreen but possible in the corner. Doesnt work against characters that can get around the denijin like dudley rolling thunder, yang, sa1 ryu. I say sa1 ryu because as long as sa1 ryu has a meter he can canel the denijin out with his sa.

i used to shake the stick to charged the denijin but it kept on being release early anyone else had that problem?


You can replace the tatsu with joudan (more stun) or SRK (more damage, but I think less range). J.hp x cl.mk x mk joudan does the same damage as j.hp x cl.hp x mk joudan, too.


yeah the srk has no range and more than likely whiff.:confused:


In what universe can j. fp, fp xx srk ever hit with Ryu :stuck_out_tongue:
There’s a reason every combo you see after a denjin is j fp, c. fp xx rh hurricane.

I watched some vids where Frankie does j. rh to start it – maybe he just thinks looking cooler > extra point of damage


Is there a site where I can get every Frankie3S vid ?


HP shoryuken your opponent, then while they’re on the ground, start charging your Denjin. Release it like as soon as they get up. I wonder if you can force-feed a denjin to your opponent during their wakeup? I’ve done this with a regular hadouken, usually a correctly-timed LP hadouken.


yeah ghaleon is right hp shoryuken has no chance…anybody wanna throw me some mathchup shit or anything to put in those first posts…let me know…i’m typing up some matchups now…


I got a 2 questions

If you have a full SA bar and you can do one of two combos, which would you do

A - Jump FP, stand FP, EX sidekick and then srk/hurricane


B - Jump FP, stand FP, jab srk and 2 into 1 start charging Denjin or Hurricane and then Denjin, as I dont know which is better ?

question 2

If Ryu charges the Denjin up to 4 times and releases and hits, will that stun anyone like for example Remy or Akuma.

As I take it a full 5 has to do Hugo and Dudley

  1. where on screen? corner, mid. screen?

  2. yes lvl4 Denjin stun : Akuma, Remy, Ryu, Urien, Ken, Yun, Yang, Chun, Makoto, Ibuki, Twelve, Necro, Sean and Elena.

Alex, Huho, Q, Oro, Dudley and Gill you need lvl5 Denjin to stun them


corner and mid, thanks


mid. screen go for j.hp, st.hp/c.hp, hk.tatsu/mid.tatsu will put him in the corner for a Denjin setup. As for the corner replace the tatsu for a mk joudan.