Everything gone

everything is gone :slight_smile:
thank you all.

CVS2 is gone. Let’s go!! :):slight_smile:

Just added:

Resistance 1 + Prince of Persia, both for PS3. 10 shipped for both, 7 shipped each if separate. Photo up top!

thats a nice pad, gg with sale.

pm sent

Replied, Tales of Symphonia pending.

Tales has been sold.

Price drops:
PSO is now 45 shipped.
All the final Fantasy stuff is now $25 shipped. Help a brotha out.

Dance Pad has been sold :slight_smile:

Final price drops:
Phantasy Star Online is now: $40 shipped.
Final Fantasy Games + Guidebook is now: $20 shipped.

If no one bites, they will go to eBay. Thanks so much guys! I know I can always count on my SRK brethren.