Everything mus go - Moving Sale - Hp Laptop, HSF2, Figures ETC

Hey guys. At is again clearing out my collection. Got to take the next step and get rid of some stuff. This is also from in older thread except this has the obvious price drops.
As usual shipping in the US ONLY! Paypal or Wells Fargo Cashiers cheques or Money Orders only.
I will do hold for only 24 hr.
Shipping is included as always!!!

SOLD - $50 obo Super Street Fighter II Turbo Press Kit
SOLD - $20 obo Marvel Vs Capcom 2 for PS3 - This is the limited PS3 case that came with the code. Box is still sealed!
$100 - Hyper Street Fighter II - Anniversary Edition PS2 -NTSC-J - Opened to verify content.
Comes with:
- Mouse Pad
- All About Book
- Chun Li’s Keychain Bracer
- Gamest Video - I believe this is a video of matches
- Actual Game
Pic 1
Pic 2

$20 - MayaTokubetsu Bome Edition- Tenjho Tenge - BNIB
SOLD - Cammy SF2 PuppetLic by Capcom
SOLD - Chun Li SF2 PuppetLic by Capcom
$13 - Remy by Resaurus- BNIB
$13 - Necro by Resaurus- BNIB
$7 - Optimus Prime Die Cast by Hasbro- BNIB
$13 - Melty Blood Figure- BNIB
$13 -Archer & Rin - Fate Stay Night-BNIB
$13 -Saber and Shiroh - Fate Stay Night- BNIB
$20 -X-Men Vs Street Fighter: Cyclops Vs. M. Bison- BNIB
$20 - Saber - Fate Stay Night- BNIB
$20 - Naruto: Girl’s Swimsuit Edition (Complete Set of 5)
$13 - Naruto: miniature (Complete Set of 8)
$5 - Bleach: Portait ( Complete Set of 6)
$35 - Bleach: Clix Style (Complete Set + Bonus)
$25 - Bleach (Complete Set of 4)
$20 -School Rumble: Ser 1 (Complete Set of 5)
$20 - Neco Arc Melty Blood Collectible

Xbox 360 Faceplates:
$8 - Eternal Sonata
$8 - Unreal Tournament

Misc. Items:
$4 - Soul Calibur 4 Keychain- New
$15 - Zippo - Hard Rock Cafe Niagara Falls- New Never Used

Strategy Guides: All guides have been shelved and kept in good conition
$ 7 - World of Warcraft: The burning Crusade
$ 7 - World of Warcraft Atlas
$ 7 - World of Warcraft Master Guide Second Edition
$ 7 - World of Warcraft Dungeon Companion
Buy all 4 WoW Guides for $30
$ 7 - The legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess
$ 7 - Dead or Alive 4
$ 7 - Soul Calibur IV

$200-> $100 obo - Transformers Generation 1 Hardcover - This is an autograph original Transformers G1 Vol. 1 book. This is #23 of 99. This has been sitting in a plastic sleeve and was only opened for the picture you see here.
Front Cover
Extra Art

Thanks for looking guys!!!

Pictures will be online soon!

I asked this in your previous thread, but the thread died before I could get a response. Is there any possibility of scanning or taking a picture of the mousepad in that Hyper Street Fighter II boxset so I can better see what the art’s like?


MiniFoo, if you look in pic #2 for the set I’m pretty sure there is a pic of the mousepad in the bottom left corner on the back of the box.

Yeah, I was talking about a higher-resolution picture of it though :expressionless:

PM’d about MvC2

Sorry for the late replys guys. Had a family emergency. All PM’s have been replied to except for:

CI581 - your box is full. Contact me after you make some room.

As for the Hi-Res, I don’t want to risk re-opening the package. Its a nice mouse pad with pics of all the female characters from the game.