Everything must go!

I have here some shit to sell to any interested parties. PM me what you want and I’ll hit you back with the details for the paypal. I am NOT going to be able to cover postage however, so keep that in mind.

PS3 $75.00
No cables, wires, etc. SYSTEM ONLY
80 gig
DOES NOT WORK. It’s got the red screen of death. If you send it to sony, they should be able to fix it, or you may know of an easier solution. I know it’s not THAT hard to do

Final Fantasy X-2 Play Arts Figurines


I have the complete set of three.
Amazon.com: Final Fantasy X-2: Yuna Play Arts Action Figure: Music
Amazon.com: Final Fantasy X-2 Play Arts No. 2 Rikku: Music

They are all still in the boxes. They have been opened, but never removed. The boxes aren’t in the best of shape, but EVERYTHING is there. As you can see, they are going for around 100 each, but I’ll let the entire trio go for 150.

Twisted Metal Head On 5.00
ESPN NFL 2k5 1.00
KOF 11 (no instructions) 10.00
Guilty Gear x 5.00
KOF Collection Orochi Saga (94-98) 10.00
Mortal Kombat Armageddon 5.00
Capcom Classics Collection vol. 2 10.00
CCC vol 1 5.00
Midway Arcade Treasures 2 5.00
SNK Arcade Classics vol 1 5.00
Super Bust-A-Move 3.00 SOLD/DELIVERED
Soul Calibur 2 (no instructions) 5.00
EA Sports MVP Baseball 2005 free with purchase to whoever asks for it
Street Fighter Alpha Anthology 10.00
Gun 5.00
KOF 2006 7.00
Neo Geo Battle Coliseum 10.00
Arcana Heart 12.00 SOLD/DELIVERED
Capcom Fighting Evolution 5.00 SOLD/DELIVERED

Also some SNES games. Lemme know if anyone’s interested in those and I’ll put them up as well.

DIBS on Fighting Evolution

I’ll take Capcom Fighting Evolution, I’m assuming its in working condition?
PM me your paypal, and shipping estimate to 32304 and I’ll send you the paypal.

Shit dude. got a mic? we can talk on PSN right now

Yeah I got a mic but I’m in class until like 5-6pm, can we figure it out through PMs/Posts? If not I can get on PSN later tonight.

what snes games do you have that you are intested in selling?

My sister has the paypal account, so have to wait for her either way.


I have SF2WW (in box with booklet) for Super Famicom, Chrono Trigger (in box) for super famicom, Secret of Mana, FF3, Killer Instinct, and others that I need to find the box that I have them all in

You’ve exceeded your quota for messages.

I’m game for helping you clear out some stuff. I’ll take the Bust A Move. Let me know where to paypal and total shipped. Thanks.

Ok cool, so can you let me know how much shipping will be (i’d imagine around 3-5 bucks). And lemme know the paypal account and I’ll send you my shipping info ASAP once you find out from your sister

How much for Killer Instinct, Secret of Mana, Chrono Trigger?

messages where? on here or PSN?

on here.

PM box cleared. Also on PSN right now if anyone needs to hit me up instantly

Willing to cut a deal on; KOF11, KOF 2006, Orochi Saga, SNK Arcade Classics, Capcom Classics, Alpha Anthologies?

So would you rather me hit you up on PSN tonight? Or just hear from you here about shipping/paypal?

pm me your ideas

PM sent. I gave her a call.

snes list please

Edit: Nevermind, read the rest of that thread.

Ugh, I want your Gullwings, but I have no money. ;_;

Are the PS2 games in good condition?