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Please post everything there is to post about Makoto’s SAII.

Right now I can do karakusa -> fp -> super -> dash -> reverse dragonpunch -> ex dragonpunch

what else is there to do? sometimes it doesn’t land - what punch should I be using on the dragonpunches?

In a corner whats the best follow up?


I only use two.

fierce xx SA2, jump-cancel toward EARLY mk tsurugi (axe kick), strong uppercut xx jump-cancel roundhouse

Or in the corner:

fierce xx SA2, jump-cancel toward mk tsurugi, fierce hayate, Crouching RH

On the first one, you have to do it a few times before you really see it I think. But it’s solid, solid damage and stun, and it won’t cost you any extra meter. For the second, I prefer to crouch roundhouse as oppose to another hayate, because it doesn’t allow the opponent any time to think. They flip onto their feet after the RH, so they are imediately subject to mixup again. If they hit the ground instead (as they would after a fierce hayate), they have some time to breathe. And that ain’t in Makoto’s gameplan.



work on everybody?


yes it does…

and i wouldnt do rdp and then ex dp… after the rdp sj straight up and hit them with fierce…

and always do the strong dragon punch, if u trade, u can follw up with a strong hayate most of them time if im not mistaken…


best thing to do after the RH reset? :confused:


Same things you do on wakeup, just faster.

Dash in and: Low short xx jab hayate, low short xx jab/EX overhead chop, karakusa, uoh, anything really. Just crowd them up so they can’t think straight.



jab dp’s scare me.


You have to watch the opponent, and see what they’re likely to do. It’s generic advice, but for the all-important wakeup segment it is amongst the most important things. People have certain things that they like to fall back on when they have to make important decisions quickly, and identifying those as quickly as possible Can and Will win you the match, ESPECIALLY with Makoto. When you’re “crowding the corpse”, so to speak, there are really only 2 things that should happen:

A) They get karakusa’d

B) You block

Either they’re going to get grabbed, or you’re going to bait them out so they can get grabbed. That’s all. This of course isn’t literal, by “being grabbed” I mean ticks and such as well. But they know it’s their ass if they don’t figure out something to do quick. So the first few times, wait a sec to see what they do immediately on wakeup. After that, plan accordingly and bait out or go immediately for the pressure. Many times people are more prone to pattern than the CPU.

Also: Make use of the range advantage Karakusa has over normal throws. When you’re baiting, stand inside karakusa range but outside their throw range. Just one more thing to remove their options.



"Post everything about SA2"
Wow, there is so many things Makoto can do. Watch the Makoto combo vid series to get a lot of ideas. It mainly depends on the situation and what you’re comfortable with.

Thongboy Bebop: Were you at Evo or FF anytime? Not sure if I played you.


Nah, I never leave my house anymore. I’ll be at the UCLA tourney Saturday though, feel free to gimme a whassup. I’m seven feet tall and have a magic afro, so you shouldn’t have a problem finding me.



just wanted to state the obvious: this doesn’t work on everyone, specifically people with long kara’s (akuma, ryu, elena, alex) or hugo.

Plus, chun’s a bitch since she can just jab…


Does the phrase “normal throws” somehow confuse you?






When you jump cancel her uppercut, do you have to use d~u (super jump) to cancel, or can you cancel with a normal jump?

Jive Out!


Super jump.



Reverse the motion


Who knows if it works or not, but ppl tell me you Deep DP a crossup in CvS2 with HCB, so maybe this works similarly too


haunts’ Makoto is hot. She shakes the junk in her trunk when she karakusa’s

Thongboy Bebop is my Makoto hero though. He answered my questions while he was on his DC. Too… strong…


i wish there were videos of US makoto players. :expressionless:


more ken…