Everything sold can close thread


Everything has been sold, thank you.


Looking to sell just the box for the Chun TE?




That’s damn cheap for the Chun, wish I had the funds for it right now.


man i wish i had some money for that chun TE good luck with sales dude


ill take the KoF13


pmed you paypal info.


King of Fighters has been shipped!


Lowered price on the Round 2 and took dibs away from Fujifilm on the Chun Li TE since he has not responded to me in days.


I wrote on your wall, if you could answer that I’d appreciate it.


Everything but KoF is still available


pmed about sfxt


pmed you back.


Man really on the fence about buying the Chun TE, I really want it, how’s the condition? I just got a NiteWalker custom too, but I always wanted the Chun Stick.


Lowered the price on the Chun TE by $10. Do not send me a PM unless you are serious and are going to purchase it, I wasted a lot of time on people who either don’t respond after I respond to them or back out this week.


Payment sent for Chun Stick. Thank you.


I’ve gone through the same thing with the sticks im selling so many flakes


Chun TE and SFxT shipped. Round 2 TE only thing still available!


PM sent about round 2 TE


replied, holding stick for you until Thursday.