Everything sold for now! Mods, please don't close this yet


Hi all. I’ve got some stuff I’m not using at all, so I figured I’d see if anyone can make use if it. Open the spoiler tags for pictures of the items.

EDIT: The shipped prices of each item are only assuming you are buying from within the continental United States. I don’t mind shipping elsewhere in the world, just that you’re going to have to cover the cost of shipping and whatever insurance you want to use if any.


  • Myoungshin Fanta (Green)
  • Crown 303-FK (Black) w/5-pin wiring harness
  • Official Sony PlayStation 3 SIXAXIS controller PCB w/ShinJN Axisdapter kit
  • Toodles’ SparkCE Optical Joystick PCB for the Sanwa JLF w/Paradise Arcade 2 lbs. JLF spring


PM Sent


Both Korean joysticks are gone! Sixaxis PCB and ShinJN Axisdapter are on hold. SparkCE still up for sale.


SIXAXIS controller PCB as well as ShinJN Axisdapter sold! All that’s left is the SparkCE.


Dropped the price of the SparkCE to $50.00 flat.


Another price drop on the SparkCE. Can’t go any lower than this folks! Personally, I think this is a steal at this price. Get yourself the most versatile optical joystick PCB on the market!


SparkCE and everything else has been sold!