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All items are shipped in the CONUS only.

*Not looking for any trades

PS3 Hori RAP Premium VLX with custom art $ 200 shipped

  • Custom clear/purple ball top
  • Hollow JLF shaft ( Ball top has an LED in it and it is wired )
  • Clear shaft cover
  • Sanwa Clear OBSC - 30 buttons
  • Artwork ressembling B-15 Bewlix
  • Does not include original artwork, box or option board.

Apple Remote: $FREE Who ever wants it just pays $5.00 for the shipping cost. I bought this a while back and never used it.


Pentax Optio S7 Camera: $20.00 plus shipping (SOLD to GOFORBROKE)
Grab bag: $26 shipped (sold to Jill Valentine)
Virtua Stick High Grade $220.00 plus shipping (SOLD to Running Wild)
[SIZE=15px]Set of eight [SIZE=5]Sanwa White OBSF-30 buttons: $16 shipped (SOLD to R2J)[/SIZE] [/SIZE]
[SIZE=15px]sanwa red OBSN-24 button: $1.50 plus shipping (SOLD to R2J)[/SIZE]

sanwa black OBSF-24 button $1.50 plus shipping (SOLD to R2J)
Black Button plugs: $0.50 ea. plus shipping (SOLD to R2J)

Sanwa Red OBSN-30 RG button set of six: $35 shipped (SOLD to shadowyamoto)
Sanwa Limited Edition AOU Rainbow Balltops (X2) SOLD to MattRuss

Virtua Stick High Grade #2 $230.00 plus shipping (SOLD to VirtualCosmic)
Comes complete with original box and packaging. Box is in good shape.
This stick has been upgraded with the following:
Sanwa Black meshball (“OG” pattern)
Madcatz Dark-Hai Shaft cover.
Paradise Arcade Sanwa JLF silent mod using Zippy microswitches.
Paewang Multiconsole PCB (PS3, Xbox360, PC)(Modded by Gummo)

  • With exception to the original PCB all original parts will be included.

Okami for PS2: $8.00 plus shipping (Complete; great condition Pics coming soon)(Sold to Afro Messiah)
Ico for PS2: $5.00 plus shipping
In good condition with very light scratches. Plays perfectly. (sold to POON)

Sanwa OBSF-30mm button set: $10.00 plus shipping (SOLD to Evawingzero)
These had very limited use and were pulled from an xbox360 Hori VLX

Batman: The dark knight returns & Sin City : $15.00 shipped (sold to smashbro29)
Both graphic novels sold together. In good condition.

Metal Gear Solid PS2 Bundle: (Sold to necr0spawn) All discs are in good condition. Minor scratches on MGS2 and MGS3S but still playable. Not Sold separately.

I have an excellent condition PS3 VLX for sale. It has about 5 hours of total play time on it and has been babied to death. It has some minor scratches due to wiping down with the included micro-fiber cloth. You would have to use a magnifying glass to see them though. Comes with all the original accessories and packaging. Will be shipped in an Xbox360 VLX box. I’m asking $300.00 plus shipping. I live in Tucson, AZ for those who are calculating shipping. Any questions feel free to ask. Paypal only please.
This PS3 VLX has an Xbox360 VLX panel on it. SOLD.


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price drop: $320.00 plus shipping


International shipping?


Sorry, no international shipping.


Price drop: $310.00 plus shipping


Price drop: $300.00 plus shipping


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Replied to smashbro for the graphic novels


Batman: The dark knight returns & Sin City sold to smashbro29


Price drops on everything!


I can’t wait to get this!


Bumb for more price drops!


MGS bundle sold to necr0spawn


Added 2 SEGA Virtua Stick High Grades


Added Dreamcast RJ-45 Cable. $12.00 shipped


Price drops: Sega Virtua Stick High Grades are $280 + shipping (each)


dude i just sent you a message check your pm…i need dem two vshg NOW!!!


can you tell me how the 4 yellow buttons up top are mapped? the paewang requires a turbo button to switch consoles so which one is the turbo? thanks